Aaaaand they’re off!

We’ve come a long way since we launched the Big Blog Exchange competition on the 23 July. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of passionate, talented and diverse bloggers from all corners of the world. We’ve been through the voting phase, during which we saw the birth of an extraordinarily supportive global blogging community – a community that is still to this day going strong. Next we tallied in the votes and announced our fantastic 100 finalists. After this came the incredibly difficult task of narrowing everybody down and deciding on who our 16 winning bloggers would be this year, and in September we proudly announced them and their exchange countries to the world..

Since the announcement in September, both the bloggers and the team have been frantically busy, prepping and planning every detail of their cultural exchange adventures – and we can’t believe the day has finally come!

Some of our bloggers are currently packing up, grabbing their passports and getting ready to leave, some are at this very moment flying across the globe and a few have already touched down in their exchange counties. Tomorrow will mark the beginning of 16 diverse adventures, and will see 16 bloggers from all corners of the globe jumping out of their comfort zones and exploring every nook of a country culturally different to their own.

Of course along the way each and every one of them will be doing what they do best – blogging. We have 16 incredible countries represented in the project this year, each with it’s own unique culture and rich history, and we can’t wait to see them from our fantastic bloggers perspective.

Everyone is invited to join us on a 10 day digital trip around the world, following the bloggers footsteps, learning what they learn and experiencing everything with them.

This blog will serve as a central hub for all of the BBE adventures. Every single day we will be posting a ‘daily summary’ with photo’s, videos and stories from each of the 16 bloggers different journeys. You’ll be able to follow their individual adventures not only here on the blog, but by following their individual blogs and social media accounts.

You may remember we asked our bloggers to put together a small bucket list for their exchange destinations, we’ll be following the bloggers and catching up with them afterwards to see if they managed to get any of their lists ticked off! You may also remember we asked the bloggers to dare their exchange partners to do one thing whilst in their country – we’ll be following these up too, just to see if they were brave enough!

Tune into the site from 31 October for a 10 day digital trip around the world with the Big Blog Exchange!

To follow our bloggers journeys live on Twitter, click here.
To follow their individual journeys on their blogs, click here. 

For now, here are some updates on the whereabouts of our 16 bloggers! We’ve already had some lost luggage, some storms and some delays – but hey, it’s all part of the real travel experience right?

We’re so excited here at HI, and we hope you all are too…

Kitty has touched town in London Town, and Ruth is on her way to Hong Kong! 

B1KQw0mCUAEAmcf final

waiting for flight instagram

Vincent is on his way to Argentina, waiting at the airport – and Belen is in a very similar position!




passport selfiemap


We’ve just heard from Logan and he has just touched down in India safe and sound, and Purujeet is currently in the air on his way to Canada!

Logan goes to India




Lucie is on her way to the United States, and despite a slight issue with some lost luggage – Taralynn has landed in France, explored Paris a little and had a nice big American sized coffee!

Pre flight


pre flying




27 October Passport and Map taralynn


Fleece tuk tuk




Manuel has landed in South Africa, and Roy has touched down in Spain and is exploring the capital, Madrid! 


blog cathedral


Ainoha is currently in Amsterdam and will soon be in Ireland and Stephanie is on her way to Brazil!

Airportin the air passport laptop Packing


pass port passport airport brazil Pre flight photo instagram


Nina has landed down under, and Jono is on his way to Slovenia!

Boarding tweet

flying from JFK airport



Arrived in Australia, Sydney Opera House


Tessa is on her way over to the beautiful Italy, and Marcela has just hopped into her taxi to the hostel in Philippines!

Painting on the plane - Italy

HERE I AM instagram pre flight marcela on her way Packing

Remember to tune into the blog from tomorrow to follow  their journeys! 


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