Day 7 – BBE daily summary

If you’ve been following the Big Blog Exchange journey, you’ll know that every day since our bloggers kicked off their cultural exchange adventures on 31 October we’ve been giving you a daily summary right here on the blog. If you’ve just tuned in, you can catch yourself up on what they have been experiencing in their host countries over the last week by going back to our day 1 daily summary and making you’re way back to right here – day 7! Yesterday we caught you up on what our winners got up to on day 6 of their adventures, and what a day it was! We had Californian sunshine, bloggers in France voicing their concerns over turning into a human baguette, Patagonia treks and twisted ankles in Argentina, floating mosques in Malaysia, bloggers attacked by un-anticipated falling Mango’s in Brazil, surf lessons in Cape Town, beach days in Bohol, Philippines and so much more.

If you would like to follow their 16 diverse adventures live on Twitter, you can do so by clicking here. You can also keep yourself in the loop by searching the #bigblogx tag on Instagram to see all of our winners beautiful photography from their host countries. Remember, they’ve swapped blogs for the duration, so you can follow them by clicking on their blog links found below.

It’s now day 7 of our digital 10 day trip around the world, let’s see what our winning bloggers got up to..

Lucie, France to USA! Lucie spent her 7th day in the United States in San Diego, she got to experience the stunning San Diego sunset on the beaches, before saying goodbye to beach life and heading inland. She’s off to Austin, Texas for the last two days of her exchange – and we’ll catch up with her there tomorrow. You may also remember we asked our bloggers to dare their exchange partners to do one thing whist in their home country, and prior to the trip Taralynn had dared Lucie to try an American favourite, Oreo’s and peanut butter. She took this challenge head on and completed it, and we have photographic and video proof! Well done, Lucie! 
Follow Lucies journey on Taralynns blog.

Taking on Tarlynn's dare, video saved.

Taralynn, USA to France! On the 7th day of her french adventure, Taralynn grabbed some breakfast and said goodbye to Marseille. She grabbed her passport, hopped on a flight and arrived in the stunning city of Rennes. She said the city was beautiful and full of character, look at these incredible photo’s she took both when leaving Marseille, and arriving in Rennes. She also grabbed a baguette despite her worries of turning into one, perhaps they’re just unavoidable in France!
Follow Taralynns journey on Lucies blog.

10802528_1575141709373409_1107859407_n Baguette Blog - goodbye Marseille Breakfast before Rennes Bye Marseille Goodbye, Marseille Hello, Rennes Marseille, France Rennes treats

Logan, Canada to India! Yesterday Logan endured a bus journey from Jaipur back to the first stop on his itinerary, Delhi. He’s only met one fellow traveller along the way so far, and they were from Germany! They went out for drinks and dinner together to swap travel stories. He used the journey to catch up on some blogging, and saw some beautiful sights along the way. He arrived back at our hostel in Delhi and was overjoyed to be reunited with the staff he had formed such a warm impression of upon arrival. He had dinner at the hostel and today, he’s off to Corbett Park! Tomorrow he heads to Ramnagar, and he’s hoping to see some Tigers!
Follow Logans journey on Purujeets blog.


drive to hostel

Purujeet, India to Canada! Purujeet has visited the globally recognised landmark in Toronto, the CN Tower! Yesterday was a very exciting day for Purujeet, he left Toronto and headed over to one of the most iconic attractions in Canada – Niagara Falls! He checked into our Niagara Falls hostel, met the staff, and even became a member for a short period of time! He made his way over to the iconic falls, enjoyed the sights, and was treated to a slap-up meal in our hostel in the evening. 
Follow Purujeets journey on Logans blog.

10311132_736572899750731_597566139_n 10755935_351718648335123_1719787030_n cn tower HI Niagara Falls room meal at niagara hostel NF Horseshoe NF Staff selfie Niagara falls staff Standing on the glass of the cn tower Toronto to Niagara

Vincent, Malaysia to Argentina! After an unfortunate accident hiking the day before, Vincent spent the day in Bariloche resting his poorly ankle, and managed to take some really stunning shots for us (that make us in no way jealous, we swear!). Don’t worry, he’s recovered now and ready to carry on with his BBE adventure!
Follow Vincents journey on Belens blog.

1 2 3 4 5 Bariloche

Belen, Argentina to Malaysia! Belen spent her 7th day in Penang, a historical city declared by UNESCO. She umm’ed and ahh’ed over the many options of street food available, visited some beautiful antique shops and saw more of Malaysia’s unique street art on the streets of Penang.
Follow Belens journey on Vincents blog.

1517310_331261830413480_880053778_n 10611211_1499084187039164_378207807_n 10735212_1537510353132286_1926944776_n 10755967_638595259583218_1418563157_n 10784816_862619933783265_837585699_n 10784937_1513440892229545_843131786_n 10787715_589342884503390_2066365246_n 10802528_556084494522749_2026531741_n 10802775_203485436510225_1968434665_n (1) 10802775_203485436510225_1968434665_n penang St food menu

Ainoha, Brazil to Ireland! Yesterday Ainoha and the HI Ireland staff arrived together in Newgrange, dumped their bags at the hostel and took on an adrenaline pumping activity – rafting! Ainoha tells us that it started to rain, so they escaped the activity as soon as they could, retired to the warmth of the hostel and had an Irish coffee!
Follow Ainohas journey on Stephanies blog.

988411_729555620469774_1343792849418373845_n 10671327_729552693803400_8976750552675295878_n Rafting tweet

Stephanie, Ireland to Brazil! Stephanie said goodbye to the staff she had made such good friends with in Hostel 7 in Brasilia, got on her 6th flight in 8 days, and headed back to where her Big Blog Exchange journey all began – Rio! She met with her contact in Brazil, Stephan, and hopped on a bus ready to head straight to the beautiful Arraial do Cabo. She arrived safe and sound at our Marina dis Anjos Hostel!
Follow Stephanies journey on Ainohas blog.

6th flight in 8 days  10808407_560504590747675_13539324_n Andre, Hostel 7 Brasilia staff with text   arraial do cabo hostel lounge Art exhibition in Brazil Bus to Arraial do cabo Common room, hostel 7 Brasilia DAY 7 STEPHANIE  flight back to rio Friends in hostel 7 Brasilia Goodbye Brazilia! Hostel 7 common room brasilia with text  Marina dis anjos hostel in arraial do cabo rio  Mexican buffet New friends in hostels Packed for Rio Say HI to the world sign shrimp rolls Stephan CEO Brazil with text

Jono, Australia to Slovenia! Yesterday Jono made his way to the capital that he has been trying to learn to pronounce since before he even arrived – Ljubljana! Years ago Jono visited Ljubljana briefly, as a struggling traveller, and was extended a wonderful act of kindness by a local lady who gave him some apples for free. Yesterday, he returned and finally paid her (well he’s fairly sure it was her!) for those apples. He wandered around the rainy streets, and after a brief trip to Rio de Janeiro (maybe he bumped into Stephanie there) he was off to a local pub for a wind down, before a busy few days!
Follow Jonos journey on Ninas blog.


Ljubljana street Ljubljana sign Apple story, Ljubljana

Nina, Slovenia to Australia! Nina arrived in Melbourne yesterday, saw some incredible street art, had some Souvlaki at celebrity chef Jimmy Grants in Fitzroy, and today she’s visited Melbourne‘s beautiful beaches, we’re sure we’ll see some beautiful shots from these tomorrow!
Follow Ninas journey on Jonos blog.

Ready for Melbourne adventures Street art in Melbourne Trying souvlaki at Jimmy Grants

Ruth, UK to Hong Kong! Ruth had a day of Hong Kong culture yesterday, and on the itinerary was Dialogue in the Dark, Street Food at Dundas Street, Mongkok Yau Ma Tei Theatre and the famous Red Brick Building before dinner at the street market!
Follow Ruths journey on Kittys blog.

929270_355482881299597_163738829_n Day 7 summary

Kitty, Hong Kong to the UK! Kitty spent yesterday in the beautiful city of Cambridge, known for it’s famous university, beautiful architecture and stunning scenery. One activity that everybody visiting Cambridge for the first time should try is punting on the river – and she did just that!
Follow Kittys journey on Ruths blog.

cakes in cambs Cambridge cakes Kitty in cambridge Lunch Punting in Cambs shop in cambs

Manuel, Spain to South Africa! Manuel spent yesterday in Cape Town! On the agenda was the impressive Table Mountain, a tour of the city, Castle of Good Hope and the Grand Parade. Manuel had the opportunity to learn about life under apartheid South Africa at the Parliment Buildings and of course, the District Six Museum. Photos of this amazing day to come soon!
Follow Manuels journey on Roys blog.

Cape Town

Roy, South Africa to Spain! Roy spent the entire day in Pamplona yesterday, home of his exchange partner Manuel. He took some beautiful shots of the streets, castles and churches and took on Manuel’s dare, to take a photo of the iconic statue in Pamplona.
Follow Roys journey on Manuels blog.

Church inside a castle, Pamplona Iconic statue in Pamplona Lonely streets of Pamplona Manuels dare Streets of Pamplona Castle Pamplona original photo


Streets of Pamplona

Marcela, Italy to Philippines! Yesterday Marcela spent the day exploring beautiful Bohol, a place she has well and truly fallen in love with. She explored the area and beaches a bit further, and today – she’s off to Baguio! She took a flight to Manila, the city that marked the beginning of her Philippines adventure, and hopped on a bus up to Baguio to check into her next hostel. We’ll see what she gets up to there on tomorrows summary.
Follow Marcelas journey on Tessas blog.

Bohol beaches

Tessa, Philippines to Italy! Tessa said goodbye to Florence yesterday, and made her way to the beautiful city of Naples. We feel as though if we held a post-BBE award ceremony and there was an award for taking the most photos of leaves and plants – she’d absolutely have to win it!
Follow Tessas journey on Marcelas blog.

09 Plant1 IMG_8093 10 Plant2 IMG_7938 11 Sidestreet IMG_7959 12 Fruits IMG_7973 13 Monteriggioni IMG_7940 14 San Gimignano IMG_8060 Naples Thanks to HI and HI Italy


Our bloggers are currently out exploring their exchange countries on day 8 of their exchanges, taking more beautiful photographs, learning more about the diverse cultures, and of course sharing their insights with all of the readers. We’ll be giving you a full update tomorrow on what they’ve been up to today, for now, follow them live on Twitter. #bigblogx

Winners Landed

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