Challenge 3 – Best activity video

As you will know if you’ve been following the Big Blog Exchange journey, we’ve been keeping our bloggers very busy by setting them a whole host of different challenges to complete both before their adventures began and since they kicked off. Before the exchanges started we had the Local Lingo Challenge, where we asked our bloggers to create a video survival guide for their exchange partner coming to their country. We had blogger bucket lists, and we asked them all to be a bit mean and dare their exchange partners to do one thing whilst they were in their country. While they were away on their adventures we had the breakfast photo challenge, the landscape photo challenge and the best hostel photo challenge.

Now it’s time for for the results of our best activity video challenge!

We asked our winning bloggers to capture a short video of an activity they’ve taken part in since they landed in their exchange partners country – and this is what they came up with…

Nina, Slovenia to Australia – Surfing at Bondi Beach, Sydney

Roy, South Africa to Spain – Walking the streets of Madrid

Jono, Australia to Slovenia – Crossing the River Mura in Slovenia using an ancient barge

Ruth, UK to Hong Kong – Hong Kong trail

Manuel, Spain to South Africa – community work 

Manuel – “This is a visit to a school in the village of Ghini where I could see the facilities they have these young students aged between 3 and 6 years. I have also been able to observe their teaching methods, very different from those used in Spain, as well as the school supplies.

Families who can afford pay a monthly fee of 80 rand, just under 6 euros for their children to go to school, receive lessons in Xhosa and English plus two meals a day. I found it an unforgettable experience being with these children during school hours, watching how they proudly showed to me their drawings watching those pretty smiles and greeting me with enthusiasm. A unique visit that ended with a nice moment in which many of them were encouraged to play me some songs, one of them the national anthem, a moment that I want to share with you.

From what I have known many people that South Africa makes every effort to move forward with this country, one is the woman that launched this school two years ago in a humble cottage with a capacity for 12 students and a short time later has about 55 and the facilities have greatly improved. This is also South Africa, a country where everyone gives you their greetings and best smile at every moment.”

Tessa, Philippines to Italy – In transit

Ainoha, Brazil to Ireland – Arrival in Ireland and Cork City

Logan, Canada to India – Rickshaw journey through the streets of Agra

Vincent, Malaysia to Argentina – A fantastic show in Buenos Aires

Lucie, France to the USA – A walk in Rock Creek Park, Washington DC

Kitty, Hong Kong to the UK – Harry Potter Studio Tour

Purujeet, India to Canada – Hiking the Sea2Sky trail

We sent the videos around the HI office and after a lot of deliberation and thought, we have our winner.

(Drumroll please) Aaaaaand the winner is… JONO! Everyone at HI loved your video, generic travel documentary voice – and the activity itself. Well done!

The exchanges may be over, but the journey is not. We will still be bringing you the results of our best interview challenge in the next few days! As well as our blogger video epilogues at the end of November, which will see our winners reflect on their Big Blog Exchange experiences.


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