Day 9 – BBE daily summary

Day 8 was yet another incredible day for our winning bloggers on their cultural exchanges! We had music and BMX festivals in Austin, un-explainable Wi-Fi and strange Bryan Adams related taxi journeys in India, pub crawls involving people from 7 different nationalities in Canada, cat street art in Malaysia, traditional Irish music at pubs in Galway City, beautiful beach days and snorkeling in Arraial do Cabo, bank robberies and quick, clever getaways in Slovenia and Kangaroo burgers in Australia. Day 9 was nothing short of incredible too, here is an overview of some of the things our winning bloggers experienced yesterday…

If you’re only just tuning into the Big Blog Exchange journey, do not fear, it’s not too late! Just go back to our day 1 daily summary and make your way back to here, day 9! You can catch yourself up on all of the unique and inspiring experiences our bloggers have been diving into over the last 8 days in 16 culturally diverse countries scattered across the globe.

You can follow their adventures as they report live on Twitter, as well as by searching the #bigblogx tag on Instagram, and of course by taking a look at their individual blogs.

We’ll be filling you in tomorrow on what our bloggers are getting up to today – the last day of their BBE journeys!

Lucie, France to USA! Lucie is spending the last two days of her USA adventure in the capital of Texas – Austin. After a crazy time at Fun Fun Fun Fest the day before, yesterday she woke up and set out to explore every nook and wonder of the city. She sipped ice coffee by the farmers market and found a beautiful spot to sit and take in the beauty of her surroundings, whilst listening to the music blasting from Fun Fun Fun Fest! 
Follow Lucies journey on Taralynns blog.

Austin riverbanks Austin Capture Lunch Texas Texass Weird in Texas


Taralynn, USA to France! Taralynn spent yesterday exploring the beautiful city of Amiens. She enjoyed lunch at Les Bouchees Doubles with the secretary general of Hostelling International, Madame Edith Arnoult-Brill! Taralynn said ‘Have you ever met someone so inspiring that they make you stop and wish god had put more hours in a day so that you could carry on talking to them?’. After lunch she explored the city further, and spoke of the wonderful character she had noticed in every french street she had been to so far. 
Follow Taralynns journey on Lucies blog.

10785021_1582558328642037_1793991597_n Amiens, France fall in amiens Lunch with secretary general Lunch


Logan, Canada to India! Yesterday Logan set out to complete his exchange partner Purujeets dare, but he couldn’t find any Camels – so rode an Elephant instead! (Improvisation) He stroked his beard in concentration as he caught up on some blogging – and today he’s off in a Jeep in search of some wild tigers!
Follow Logans journey on Purujeets blog.



Purujeet, India to Canada! Purujeet spent yesterday in Montreal and had some time to tour around every nook of this incredible city. In the evening, just to stick with general stereotypes – Purujeet went to see a real Canadian Hockey game between the Montreal Canadians and the Minnesota Wild! 
Follow Purujeets journey on Logans blog.

Hockey match


Vincent, Malaysia to Argentina! Vincent is back in Buenos Aires, the city in which he kicked off his Argentinian adventure 9 days ago. He spent yesterday on a walking tour of the cities CBD and got so carried away that he ended up a little bit lost – and without a map to hand! Luckily, he found a comfy stall in the street to rest himself and his poorly ankle from his hike a few days back. Vincent tells us that he got pestered by a lot of ‘Arbolitis’ (Illegal money exchange touts) on the tour – not ideal! He still had a wonderful day however,which we’re happy to hear. We’ll catch up with Vincent tomorrow and find out what adventures today brought him.
Follow Vincents journey on Belens blog.



Belen, Argentina to Malaysia! Yesterday Belen set out ready to take on her exchange partner Vincent’s Malaysian dare, to go up to the iconic and beautiful Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, and grab a Durian on the way! There were a few barriers standing in her way – firstly, a storm started brewing. Next, her bus driver decided to completely skip her stop. It seemed as though the world didn’t want Belen to complete this dare! She persevered through the barriers and the rain however, and the view she had when she reached the temple was absolutely stunning. Oh – and she bravely tried the Durian too!
Follow Belens journey on Vincents blog.

10748185_699402126822149_988150803_n Bus to temple


1 10735523_548915311908287_73743796_n 10747927_837344799619681_1641010639_n 10748289_801593146548399_1276416443_n 10755850_800257536679520_2022036813_n 10784925_1497862063810889_676783906_n 10785011_1497852110481708_25593170_n Capture


Ainoha, Brazil to Ireland! The cliffs of Moher were on Ainohas Ireland itinerary yesterday! Along her way she saw Galway Bay, and maybe some Leprechauns. We’ll have some photo’s for you all soon!
Follow Ainohas journey on Stephanies blog.


Stephanie, Ireland to Brazil! Stephanie said goodbye to the beautiful beaches yesterday and made her way back to our Cabanacopa Hostel in Rio. She got a little bit lost, but our hostel street signs helped her out!
Follow Stephanies journey on Ainohas blog.

10755787_803611993038048_1934585169_n 10808642_457550754386364_1675108980_n Hostel sign Rio Praiadocabo


Jono, Australia to Slovenia! It was with a heavy heart that Jono said goodbye to Ljubljana yesterday, he took with him a mind full of warm memories and was headed for Postonja. Despite the flooding caused by the heavy rain over the last few days, Jono set off with a positive mindset and went to the caves to hang out with the Slovenian Batman, yes, that’s right – Slovenian Batman! Our hostel put on a celebration for Jono to make his last night in Slovenia one to remember, and what better way to celebrate than with wine!
Follow Jonos journey on Ninas blog.

capital by night Cave farewell Floods predjama castle

Nina, Slovenia to Australia! We have a little update from a few days ago for you all from Nina, she met up with Katherine – our BBE winner from last years exchange in Melbourne for cocktails! She’s been hiking in Grampians National Park and visited Great Ocean Road too!
Follow Ninas journey on Jonos blog.

DAY 7 NINA AND LAST YEARS WINNER Capture Capture4454 Great ocean road

Ruth, UK to Hong Kong! Ruth visited the Hong Kong Space centre yesterday, Heritage 1881, and of course had more amazing cuisine!
Follow Ruths journey on Kittys blog.


Kitty, Hong Kong to the UK! Kittys itinerary changed yesterday, meaning she gets to spend two whole days exploring the wonderful British city of York – and of course, turning her breakfast into fantastically creative little faces.
Follow Kittys journey on Ruths blog.

10632381_355127067998274_400635697_n 10748162_1494113530860366_199289153_n york hostel York


Manuel, Spain to South Africa! Manuel is currently in beautiful Cape Town, and yesterday his blog made it onto one of the 7 wonders of the world – the iconic Table Mountain.
Follow Manuels journey on Roys blog.

Table Mountain Secretos de Madrid

Roy, South Africa to Spain! Roy has officially touched down in the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona. He checked into our hostel, grabbed his camera and set off to explore, and of course took some some outstandingly beautiful shots along his way.
Follow Roys journey on Manuels blog.

10747887_753805941357992_1390894276_n Barcelona Streets The basilica View from hostel barca

Marcela, Italy to Philippines! Marcela spent yesterday taking in her last dose of Baguio, a beautiful city a few hours north of Manila. She took this stunning shot, and today she’s getting on a bus back to Manila.
Follow Marcelas journey on Tessas blog.


Tessa, Philippines to Italy! Tessa spent yesterday touring the world famous Vatican! She’s there again today, hoping to snap some photo’s of the Pope as he appears on the balcony!
Follow Tessas journey on Marcelas blog.

01 Breakfast Triangolo IMG_8341 02 Couple in Rome IMG_8541 03 Desserts IMG_8525 04 Poste Vaticane IMG_8485 05 St. Peter's IMG_8456 06 Vatican Silhouette IMG_8508 07 Dome Ceiling IMG_8438 08 Skies IMG_8498


Follow their journeys on Twitter and Instagram #bigblogx

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