Challenge 5 – Best video interview

If you’ve been following the Big Blog Exchange you’ll know that we have been setting our bloggers challenges to complete both before and during their exchanges. Before they set off we had the dare your exchange partner challenge. Next came the blogger bucket lists. Lastly came the Local Lingo video challenge – where our winners put together short video survival guides to help their exchange partners get by in their countries for 10 days.

Whilst they were away on their adventures we set them a few more challenges to keep them extra busy. Firstly we had the best hostel breakfast challenge, next came the the best landscape photo challenge, followed by the best activity video challenge and the favourite hostel photo challenge.

Now it’s time for our 5th and final challenge – Best video interview!

We left it entirely up to the individual bloggers who they interviewed. Some spoke to hostel staff and some spoke to locals. Every video is interesting in it’s own right, and here are their submissions..

Jono, Australia to Slovenia – Interview with locals on the Slovenian alternative music scene

Roy, South Africa to Spain – Interview with the people of Catalonia on the independence vote

Nina, Slovenia to Australia – Interview with Aussie residents on Australia as a destination

Ruth, UK to Hong Kong – Interview with Stephanie on the history of Mei Ho House hostel

Lucie, France to USA – Interview with Perry, front desk manager at HI Austin

Ainoha, Brazil to Ireland – Sustainability interview with Patrick from the Ireland Cashel hostel

Belen, Malaysia to Argentina – Taste Exchange, local food sampling with her exchange partner Vincents family

Logan, Canada to India – Interview with YHAI staff

Kitty, Hong Kong to the UK – Interview with a local man

Vincent, Malaysia to Argentina – Interview with a Brazilian on holiday in Buenos Aires

Manuel, Spain to South Africa – Interview with a Spanish man living in South Africa

English translation:

– What is your name and age? My name is José Carlos Ruiz Almansa and have 29 years.
– The first thing I want to know is how long have you been in South Africa? For two years
– For what reason did you come to this country? Coincidences of life
– What surprised you most when you first came to South Africa? Public transport … basically it doesn´t exist!
– What is the biggest difference you find between South Africa and Spain?
– I would say that there are not many differences, there are quite similarities between the countries.
– How do you define South Africa? A country of opportunity.
– In closing, was there any time you return to Spain? For now, it is not planned.

We had members of HI watch all of the videos and cast their vote. It was an incredibly hard decision as every video is fantastic! However, there can only be one winner.

Aaand the winner is.. LUCIE! Well done Lucie! Great interview with HI Austin staff.





3 thoughts on “Challenge 5 – Best video interview

  1. The world needs more people like the gentleman I interviewed. His name is Romeo, a Brazilian on a week’s holiday in Buenos Aires. I met him at Hostel Suites Florida and had breakfast with him for three consecutive mornings. A peace-loving man, he regards every human being as his hermano and hermana and spoke to me lengthily of his vision of world peace within his lifetime. I shall miss his company over breakfast for awhile.

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