The Big Blog Exchange

Run by Hostelling International, The Big Blog Exchange is an exciting, unique and exclusive project that has never before been explored. Sixteen passionate bloggers will swap lives, blogs, cultures and places simultaneously in real life for ten days (7th June to 17th June).

23 July – 3 September Competition Phase
9 September 100 Finalists
16 September 16 Winners
16 September Live Draw
31 October – 9 November The Exchange Phase
29 November The Bloggers manifesto


This is how it will work:


23 July – 3 September – bloggers interested in the project will be able to sign up their blog during this period, divulge their inspiration for taking part, before encouraging readers, family and friends to vote for them.

9 September – the competition phase ends and the 100 finalists, which includes 25 of the top bloggers from the four regions (see details of each region at the bottom of the page), will make it through to the jury panel. Our jury members will review each blog on its content and inspiration for taking part in the exchange, before whittling them down to just 14 finalists.

The two final bloggers (or wildcards) will be chosen based purely on their passion, inspiration and their motivation in being one of the 16 ambassadors. No votes are taken into account. So this means that smaller bloggers will have the chance to take part without it relying on or worrying about popularity.

16 September – the live draw will be held, where the jury will reveal the 14 ‘winners’ from the finalists as well as choosing the two wildcards to make up the final 16. The wildcards will be selected out of every participant in the competition, top 100 or not. This way, even late joiners will have a chance at being a part of the final 16 bloggers.

The 16 lucky bloggers will be revealed live on April 29 on bigblogexchange.org. Their exchange partners, and which country they will be jetting off to – will also be revealed on this date.


If you are one of the winners, you will be contacted immediately after the Live Draw (29th April) and you will have three days to confirm your participation.

After the finalists have been notified, there will be a 5 week period until the exchange for you to prepare visas, vaccinations and so on, if required and for us to coordinate your itinerary, book flight tickets, travel details and accommodation.

During this time, we will also help with any other preparations you need – such as helping to set up a guest account on your blog as well as supplying you with pocket money (a total amount of £500 for your trip).


Between 31 October – 9 November, selected bloggers will have the opportunity to live and learn in a different place, immersing themselves in local culture whilst blogging on their exchange partners blog.

Bloggers will be provided with an itinerary full of experiences and activities to participate in during their stay. However, what you write about and how you choose to record the experience is completely up to you!

During this stage, the voting site will re-open and readers will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite blogger (out of the final 16) based on whose posts they have enjoyed reading and what each reader has taken from the experience. Once the bloggers return home, a winner shall be announced.


Although the 16 bloggers will be expected to blog live from their exchange destination, in order to update readers and followers of their experience so far, once the bloggers are home from their exchange, we will ask each of them to reflect on their experience as a whole for the Bloggers manifesto.

Summarising their exchange, and reflecting on what they have learnt – this post will be published on The Big Blog Exchange website and will remain as an archive until the next project begins.


All finalists will be given a HI ambassador badge for his/her blog, however the final competition winner, who receives the most votes during the exchange phase will be invited to be part of the jury in the next ‘The Big Blog Exchange’ project, and assist in selecting the sixteen winners next year.

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  1. Let’s Know the world What is BBE and how HI will be performing the actions.
    Canadian bloggers have registered BBE and some of them are placed in top. I would like to congratulate HI Canada. .

  2. What an awesome project! Love the idea of blogging being about connecting through culture and giving a little insight into another way of life 🙂 Look forward to reading about everyone’s experiences!

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