What One Question Would You Ask?

We thought that we’d share a few more BBE inspired posts with you today, as well as posing the question – if you could ask the blogging community ONE question, what would it be?

We are planning to keep this blog running throughout the exchange process (and beyond), and we’d love for it to be a place for bloggers to come and chat about topics that are relevant to the world of blogging. Of course, this blog will document and follow in the footsteps of the lucky 16 winners, tracking their journey – however it will also be a place for discussion, inspiration and support – so we’d love for you all to be a part of it. What do you think?

So, what question would you ask the community of bloggers? We’d love to hear from you! 

Un coin de Terre libre d'école !- Big Blog Exchange Part 3 - Wishes ...

Strange Exhilaration

Have You Written About Us?

We were so pleased to see that some of you have featured the Big Blog Exchange on your blogs, especially once the final 100 were announced – as we noticed that a lot of you were posting about who you’d like to swap with should you be one of the 16 – which is great! Amazing Moments to be in 100 Finalists of The Big Blog Exchange - youthgotravelannabeatripJust Kicking It- We are in the Top 100 - #BigBlogXVincent Quek's Blog- I mean, there's so much out there to see!- Big Blog Exchange- What a ride!Fashion Ate the World

We wanted to showcase a few of our favourites over the next few days, so if you have featured the Big Blog Exchange on your blog recently, please leave a link in the comment box below and we will happily check it out! 

Happy blogging!

The Big Blog Exchange On YouTube!

You have probably all seen our trailer by now? If not, you can view it here.

We think videos and moving pictures really do add something when recording an adventure, and so we were excited to hear that some of you have been making video posts about the Big Blog Exchange and your motivations for joining.

The Big Blog Exchange - YouTubeBig Blog Exchange by Blueheaven - YouTube

We wanted to ask you, if you were to take part in the project, would you experiment with video blogging? Does your blog contain videos – do they add something to your content? Do your readers prefer watching your videos or reading posts? 

The BBE Has Been Spotted On YOUR Blog!

It is so lovely to see that so many of you are blogging, tweeting and sharing your Big Blog Exchange entries, and we are really enjoying reading all your lovely comments about the project! Here are a few blog posts we have come across recently about the BBE that we loved reading, so we hope you do too!

Splodz Blogz » The Big Blog Exchange- I heart ReykjavíkThe Big Blog Exchange - 80 Couches80 Couches{ Wild - Spirit }Me in My 30s World- The Big Blog Exchangebig-blog-exchange - Hanna Wilbur's

Have you shared the Big Blog Exchange? Or have you blogged about your entry? Let us know and we will feature you next time!