Back for 2016!

We’ve had a lot of emails asking about when the next Big Blog Exchange will be taking place. Our celebrated competition is taking a break this year but will be back in 2016 with more excitement and surprises than before.

In the meantime we hope you’ve been out trying new things, meeting new people and creating memories. Why not take some travel inspiration from our past winners and find out what they’ve been up to since their exchange?

Stay tuned and happy travels

#bigblogX Team

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The epilogues are in!

We can hardly believe it’s been almost 3 weeks since our bloggers returned home from their cultural exchange adventures. This years competition was an incredible journey not just for the bloggers who took part – but for us here at HI and the followers too. We threw our winners a surprise country to explore, and sent them on their way to learn as much as they could about the culture – all the while recording their experiences so that we could learn alongside them.

We had lost luggage, delayed flights, new friends, new families, minds opened, perceptions changed – and some unforgettable experiences providing insights into an unfamiliar culture. We followed our winners from the packing of their bags to the moment they landed back home, documenting every experience and thought in between.

Now that our bloggers have settled back into every day life, we asked them to take a look back on their Big Blog Exchange experiences. What did they learn in their exchange countries, what did it mean to them? Their reflections, memories and musings were translated into wonderful video epilogues – and here they are on our HI Youtube channel for you to see. Just follow the link to find out what our bloggers thought about their time with TBBE.

If you would like a chance to be in our 16 winners shoes next year, you can register yourself on the BBE site to recieve notifications about BBE 2015! It’s been an amazing journey – and we will see you next year for another Big Blog Exchange adventure – welcoming 16 brand new bloggers.