The Local Lingo Challenge

In just a few short weeks our winning 16 bloggers will be jetting off to their exchange partners country – to immerse themselves in an unfamiliar culture, try new things and of course document their experiences and insights to the readers.

We have 16 culturally diverse and unique countries represented in the project this year, each one as beautiful as the last. We can’t wait to follow the journeys of the bloggers as they explore and learn about a country completely different to their own.

In the build up to the exchanges, we’re busy putting together every aspect of our winners adventures, and we thought we would set them a string of small challenges to help them to prepare, and to help the waiting period move along a bit faster.

The first challenge set was one that we at HI have dubbed ‘The Local Lingo Challenge.’

As the project is all about cultural understanding, we asked our lovely bloggers to provide their exchange partner with a video survival guide for their country. The video was to provide their exchange partners with local phrases, expressions, cultural norms and information to help them get through their 10 day adventures with a little more ease – as well as to give them the chance to get to know each other a little better!

This is what our bloggers have come up with so far. Some are still in the process of adding the finishing touches to their fantastic videos, so be sure to keep checking back as we will be adding a few more over the coming hours and days. For now – enjoy!

“Say HI to the world!”

Canadian survival guide – from Logan to Purujeet

India survival guide – from Purujeet to Logan

Slovenia survival guide – from Nina to Jono

Australia survival guide – from Jono to Nina

Hong Kong survival guide – from Kitty to Ruth

UK survival guide – from Ruth to Kitty

Ireland survival guide – from Stephanie to Aihona

Brazil survival guide – from Ainoha to Stephanie

Malaysia survival guide – from Vincent to Belen

Argentina survival guide – from Belen to Vincent

France survival guide – from Lucie to Taralynn

French phrases used:

Bonjour, Allez, on dit bonjour au monde entier. Allez, on commence. Bonjour, Je m’appelle Lucie. Mon blog de voyage est Voyages et Vagabondages et j’ai gagné un concours de blogueurs, le Big Blog Exchange. Comment ça va? Bien et toi? Bien. Parlez-vous anglais? Je parle un petit peu français. Je ne comprends pas. A l’aide. Je suis perdue. Où est la meilleure boulangerie de la ville? Je voudrais un pain au chocolat s’il vous plaît. Je voudrais une chocolatine s’il vous plaît. Merci beaucoup. Je voudrais un bon verre de vin et un plateau de fromage s’il vous plaît. Combien ça coûte? Merci. Au revoir.

USA survival guide – from Taralynn to Lucie

Spain survival guide – from Manuel to Roy

English translation:

Hi, I’m Manu and I am representative of Spain and i´m here to give some advice to Roy, my friend from South Africa, just to make your trip to my country as pleasant and fun as posible, i want you to say “Hi the world.” Here’s the first tip Roy, attentive: During your travel in Spain certainly you’re going to drink at some bar, it is important for you to know how to order a beer, for that you must say “Camarero quiero una caña” (Waiter, i want a beer) It´s very easy. You also have to know that in Spain is very typical that together with the drinks you will receive a small plates with food, like this one. These portions are called “tapas”. Finally you have to know that in Spain football is almost a religion and the whole country is divided between Barcelona´s supporters and Real Madrid´s supporters. I recommend that even if you dont´really like this sport you become a fan of one of these teams because sooner or later you’ll be asked: Wich football team do you support? These are my tips to make your experience the best as possible Spain. Keep in touch, bye.

Philippines survival guide – from Tessa to Marcela 

Are there any additional phrases you feel the bloggers should know before taking off to their exchange countries? Comment below and share the knowledge!