Rosario (At Blue Heaven) & Katherine (Kapcha)

Rosario from Argentina and Katherine from New Zealand were chosen as exchange partners on the 29th April 2013, and just a month and a bit later – here they are meeting in person!

rosario and kapcha

Katherine jetted off to Argentina a few days ago to meet her exchange blogger Rosario and already, they have been to a tango class together – and graduated top of the class!

Rosario will be flying to Katherine’s home country of New Zealand on the 7th, but we think it’s great that they were able to meet beforehand!

We love that the BBE has meant bloggers are exchanging (and meeting) one another in real life, as well as online – don’t you?

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Meet Rosario Lamastra – Winners Interviews

Meet Rosario, the lovely lady behind Blue Heaven blog and one of our 16 winners. She will be swapping with Kapcha blog in New Zealand! Here’s what she had to say…

blue • heaven

Firstly, for those who haven’t read your blog before – can you explain to us a little about what your blog is about?

My blog is about everything that inspires me. When I am travelling I try to search for places surrounded by art, fashion and music. When I am not travelling I write about my own city, Buenos Aires, a place that I love and that has so much to show. I love coolhunting and taking pictures on the street. I try to find the most hidden places and recommend places that are not in front of everybody eyes.

Why did you first decide to set it up?

While I was planning working for 3 months on Key West, United States, I thought that the best way to be in touch with my family and friends was writing on a blog. Instead of just having a phone-call.  When I was there, the feed back I was having was incredible and I found on my blog a personal space where I could show the places I was travelling during those months. It started being a way of communicating and now is an important place in my days.


How long have you been blogging for?

I been blogging since December of 2011.

How are you preparing your for your trip?

I have many ideas of how I will share my experience in New Zealand with all the readers. I will create some new sections that will allow me to upload at any time. My idea is to talk about what I am living NOW and AT THIS MOMENT. Show what my eyes are looking at. And share it with everybody through my posts. Talking about busiest places, but also the most hidden ones. New Zealand is not a common place to go if you are argentinean so I will make everybody feel they are travelling with me and getting to know about this incredible country.

What are you most looking forward to?

I want to talk with local people and know about New Zealand culture. How they live and which streets they walk. How the art, music and fashion of the country contrasts with the nature that surround them. I want to open my eyes, turning on my camera, observe and learn.

As you probably know, the Big Blog Exchange is all about ‘changing the world, using the power of blogs’. How do you think you and your exchange can help change the world?

I think that knowing about another person, and in this case, of another country will make us know and also accept each other. I want to show New Zealand culture on the screen of everybody. Having a blog and being in this project means that I have the power of presenting New Zealand people and places not only for argentineans, also to the world. Discovering and talking about the world is the best way to use the power of blogs.

How do you plan to record your trip? Are you going to be blogging through video, pictures, written words or all three?

I will use the 3 ways. I think recording is something essential on this experience. To put in movement what the words and pictures are trying to say. I will have some new sections that will show New Zealand in an original way.


Are you excited at the prospect of swapping blogs?

I think that swapping blogs is one of the most interesting things of the project. The idea of narrate how I see Katherine’s country, New Zealand, and how she feels about Buenos Aires is very exciting.

Is this your first time travelling or have you travelled before?

I have travelled before. The last time I travelled was on a California road trip.

Have you heard about Hostelling International before, or is this your first experience with us (have you said HI to the world yet)? Are you excited?

Sure! I already went to some hostels from Hostelling International and I am very excited to stay in a new one. They are so cool!

Are your readers excited about your trip? Have you been blogging in the run up to the exchange?

They are so excited and this was one of the things that motivated me most of participating. Seeing the reaction and the feedback of everybody. At every moment they were asking me when the finalist list was going to appear because they knew that if was a one of the winner, they were all  going to travel and know a new place.

What tips can you give for your exchange partner? What can he/she explore in your city/country?

Buenos Aires has so much to show. La Boca is a must. It is our history town where you can find people dancing “tango” in the middle of the streets and plenty of artistic activities. Make time to talk with local people because they will give you the best information and who knows, maybe you will be joining an argentinean group, eating an “asado” and drinking an argentinean wine.

Take a look to my video promo that gives you an idea of what is Buenos Aires about:

Where should he/she go? Or what should they do?

One of my favourite places is the neighbourhood known as “Palermo”, here you can find vintage stores, art galleries, and plenty of places where you must stop and have a cup of tea (I have a list with the best cafes in this area that you should stop and have a break). At night you should came back and walk on the main streets. It is the coolest place in the city. You should also go to the most elegant area in the city: from Alvear Avenue up to Recoleta. You will see the old European mansions and the historical cementery surrounded by parks, cultural centers, museum and a great variety of restaurants. I will recommend to visit the Malba museum with the most important paintings in the country and sometimes, in the world! (Finish your day taking a break at the bar of the museum!).

What do you find most rewarding about being a blogger? is like my own house. I always try to make something new in the design, upload new pictures, and search for a new hidden place. Go to the most interesting shows and events of Buenos Aires. Being a blogger gave me the opportunity of talking about the place where I was born and where I enjoy leaving and growing everyday. It gave me the opportunity of sharing my works with people all over the world and get to know them. Being a blogger opened me a lot of opportunities in my career and gave me the pleasure of doing what I most like: writing, taking pictures, creating videos and in this case: travelling.

The Exchanges Are Announced!

We hope you all enjoyed tuning in for the live draw earlier today, it was so exciting watch the bloggers match up with their exchange partners, revealing where they will be jetting off too.

In case you didn’t catch it – here are the exchanges! 

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Sophie Roberts from Challenge Sophie, UNITED KINGDOM


Audur Osp from I heart Reykjavík, ICELAND

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Nitzan Arad from 2 BALAYLA, ISRAEL


Rosario Lamastra from Blueheaven, ARGENTINA

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Katherine Kearsley from Kapcha The World, NEW ZEALAND


Natália from 360meridianos, BRAZIL

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Claire from  The Green Geekette, FRANCE


Camie Juan from Wild – Spirit, PHILIPPINES

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Tina from Lunch For One, GERMANY


Liesbet Maroye from Liesbet à Paris, BELGIUM

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Didintle Ntsie from Swedishgarden, SOUTH AFRICA


Jeremy Fowler from Jeremy Fowler, CANADA

is exchanging with…

Chee Ching from, MALAYSIA

The Big Blog Exchange LIVE DRAW

* Apologies for the technical glitch on the world exchange map today. Unfortunately our test/example version was uploaded rather than our updated map, which displayed example bloggers, rather than the winners.

The 16 winners were announced at 7AM GMT this morning, which was a really anxious moment for all of you I’m sure. The jury had such a difficult decision choosing just 16 bloggers, as they had 1173 fantastic bloggers to choose from – each one so unique, inspiring and creative. We really hope you have all enjoyed being a part of the Big Blog Exchange, and will keep visiting us here over at the BBE blog. We have loved all of your community spirits, your discussions and your ideas – and we’d love to keep this up for the remainder of the journey. We would love to have your help, your tips and your guest posts – and to have you all as part of the BBE community! We hope you’ll continue to join us on this exciting journey!