Motivations We Love #32

15 days left! Who is excited?

Here are todays favourite motivations:

Vibha Babbar, from Life is a Bitter & Sweet Symphony Blog (India) says: 

Writing happens to me, like love. I have traveled all over the world, in my dreams. I have lots of dreams that I weave in my words. And I want to transfer those dreams to the real world. Poetry gives me an adrenaline rush, and at times it induces an enveloping, nurturing calm. I mostly write for myself, and sometimes, just to be read. I read somewhere, “There’s no money in poetry, but then there’s no poetry in money!” I want to wake up to an another world, and let it know that among the words and in the alphabets strewn together; among the commas and semi-colons; in between those spaces and in the lack of them, there is life. And dreams, and desires. I would like to feast on them along with the world. I want to give them the postcards of my mind and heart to everyone out there, and create a beautiful story of togetherness.

Brenda Bastidas, from Live. Laugh. Love & Make Up Blog (Mexico) says: 

I’m a fashion blogger that loves traveling, smiling, a warm cup of tea & reading. To have the opportunity to be one of the 16 bloggers to have a lifetime experience would be absolutely marvelous. Meeting new people, knowing new cultures and living for a better tomorrow really does make a difference.

Soledad Moran, from The Friendship Map (Argentina) says: 

The Friendship Map tells the story of two girls from different countries (Argentina and Brazil) who met during a trip and became friends beyond cultural boundaries and distance. As we plan a trip together every year, we decided to create a map of all the places we’ve visited so far. But did you take a look at that map? It needs to be updated with more pins asap! So please vote for our story and help us to meet again, somewhere out there. Thank you, Gracias, Obrigada!

Lynne Morton, from Plan C Blog (Australia) says: 

I learnt four years ago that no matter how much we plan we cannot control our lives: no matter how much you think you’ve got the bases covered life will still manage to throw you a curve ball. Therefore in July 2010 I decided to stop trying to control it and go with the flow instead. It’s not always been an easy path to follow but it has been immensely rewarding. I’ve been travelling for over two years now and the only thing I know for sure is I never want to stop. My motto in life should be “why not?” as I love to travel and relish the new experiences it brings. I believe life is there to be lived and will try almost anything once. The idea of not getting to choose where I’d go and being sent somewhere completely random appeals to my sense of adventure. I’d love the chance to swap lives with someone because I have discovered that the best way to learn about a country and its culture is to go there. Not only do love learning about different places and ways of life I find that meeting people from different cultures makes me constantly question and reassess my own views and opinions on the world which I firmly believe we should never stop doing.

Motivations We Love #31

Todays favourites are:

Nathalie Blue, from Singing Coconut Blog (Malaysia) says: 

My motivation is to go beyond my comfort zone. Studied at Singapore helps me to open my eyes. The craving to see every parts of the world never stop ever since. It would be a great opportunity to exchange my lives with other 15 bloggers around the globe. World peace 🙂

Rudstin John V. Estrellado, from The Boy Who Fell Asleep In The Kitchen Blog (Philippines) says: 

Exchanging life with someone at the opposite end of the world seems to be as thrilling as having magical powers. Actually, it’s the nearest thing to that. LOL. This opportunity would help me find learn the bond everyone of us share. The difference between our cultural and natural interest that differs us from each nationality but in the end, we all come to respect. I want to feel another persons perspective about what “Life” means to them. What it feels to be living in that kind of situation. I also want them to feel the stuff behind the blog, what it feels to be truly a Filipino. I want them to experience our culture, our lifestyle and our FOOD.

Andreas Hjorth, from 18000km away from home Blog (Norway) says: 

Actually, I’m on a travel right now. I left the little, cold country of Norway in hope of exploring the world. And this is also the big theme of my blog. I want to tell whoever reading my blog what I’m experiencing as I travel around alone, both positiv and less positiv. And I’m trying to do it with through a personal perspective and with some sense of humor. My vision before I started my 5 month travel, and it is also the reason to why I want to take part in this competition, is that I want to learn about how other people are living their lifes. And through that, I want to be aware of how I am living my own life. And offcourse, I’m more than happy to tell others how I am living myself, so my goal is to exchange as many experiences as possible. So read my blog, maybe you like it, and vote for me if you want to help me get more greatly needed experiences.

Muto Fathurrohman, from 13 Ceritamu Blog (Indonesia) says: 

Writing is one of the way to share knowledge. Blog provides a space to write to share about my thinking around the world because blog can be accessed internationally via internet. I am Indonesian blogger. The reason why I suppose to be 1 of 16 bloggers to exchange lives are to (1) introduce Indonesia to international level, and (2) learn about foreign cultures. Introducing my country, Indonesia, to international level will give some advantages. One of them is giving income to the government. People around the world will come to Indonesia to have some business or vocation if they know Indonesia well. Thus, if I am be the 1 of 16, Indonesia will be known internationally. Living 10 days in foreign country can give me a chance to learn about their cultures. Their uniqueness and difference will enrich my knowledge and experience. Thus, it will give advantages to both Indonesia and the country I live for 10 days. Furthermore, I can promote the countries I live for 10 days to Indonesia.

Motivations We Love #30

There’s just 16 days to go until the voting closes and the jury starts deciding who will make up the final 16. Are you excited, anxious or a bit of both?

Here’s todays favourite motivations. Let us know what you think!

Tom Dobin, from A Mosaic Of Adventures (UK) says: 

I started blogging a couple of months ago. I’ve been lucky enough to have had some incredible experiences over the last two years, and my desire to share them with my friends led to me finding this wonderful way of expressing my thoughts, giving an insight into other cultures, and effectively taking people with me on my journey. I have a very strong interest in learning about other countries, seeing breathtaking sites, and sharing my discoveries with others. I would love the opportunity to visit a brand new country and experience a brand new culture, whilst also meeting 15 incredible people, sharing my experiences with them, and learning so much over 10 days. Because that’s the wonderful thing about blogging – it’s a process of informing, learning and sharing, and I would relish this opportunity to take part in this exciting adventure.

Dirty Pink City blog (South Africa) says:  

“There is always a party going on somewhere…our mission is to bring it to you.” This is quite a new blog and in a very short time it became very popular. The blog brings entertainment/events/music/fashion from Cape Town to the rest of South Africa, to the WORLD! 🙂 We have a lot to learn, but we keep our eyes and ears open to become better!

Tina, from Lunch For One Blog (Germany) says: 

Since starting blogging nearly three years ago, I meet fellow bloggers & readers, trying out the unexpect, the unsusal – always try something new, be up to a challenge. Swaping place with a blogger, which could be around the corner (aka Europe) or at the end of the world (like Brazil), getting to know a different language, a different culture on a unike way – and of course been thrown into a totally unknown blogging way – about food, travel, fashion (help!) oder what ever the person is writing. I would love to go on that challenge

Lauren Winter, from Scarecrows Don’t Talk Blog (UK) says: 

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde. Let’s get on his level.

Hannah Hawkshaw, from Hannah’s Fashion blog (Ireland) says: 

I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of the Big Blog Exchange as I would love to show others that nothing is impossible! I am a teenage fashion blogger, singer/songwriter and daydreamer based in Ireland, blogging from a 15 year old girl’s perspective. I am mesmerised by fashion and love sharing my style and thoughts with my followers, as well as learning about new places and cultures. I dream of traveling to exciting places and I would love for others to experience the warmth of my home country, Ireland! I started my blog during a really difficult time in my life, when I was suffering from a long term illness. Since then, it has become a huge part of my life and is more than just a blog. It has helped me evolve as a person and has given me so much confidence! Many people have put me down over the years but my blog has helped me realise that I am at my happiest when I don’t let what others think of me affect me in a bad way. In the past few months, my blog has grown in so many ways and I love hearing from my readers, knowing that I have inspired them in some way! I feel that this opportunity would not only be for myself – I feel that it would help me give others the confidence they need to show people their personality. It would give them the confidence they need to be themselves and to realise that life is so much better when you are true to yourself! It would show so many that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and that dreams come true!

How Do YOU Promote Your Blog?

In 2013, amidst a vast technical ages, there are hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of tools and social networking sites that bloggers use on a daily basis to promote their blogs, and even their individual posts.

So, we’re interested to hear about what you do to promote your blog? Do you just promote it to family and friends through emailing, or do you use the huge social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to promote posts.


We know here in the UK, that Facebook and Twitter are the most popular but we would love to know what is popular in your part of the world. We’d love the Big Blog Exchange to be live on all the world’s social networks, so we need your help! 

Happy blogging! 

Motivations We Love #17

As per usual, we are loving all of your fantastic motivations and so we wanted to share a couple with you here:

TT Lee, from Songs of Flower Blog (China) says: 

Hi there, I am a Chinese girl started a new life in Heart 2 Heart Youth Hostel this year. This hostel is a social enterprise run by a registered NGO, and the proceeds from it will be used for the purpose of charitable activities and social service. It is an exciting and challenging programme. From now on, I will try to record the journey of my heart in the days to come. Meanwhile, I also wish to share my experience of this brand new venture in Southwest China and get contacts and comments around the world. Thanks for your interest in me!

Rosabel, from algon avenue blog (Puerto Rico) says: 

Through blogging I find the motivation and inspiration that opens creativity in me. I love reading other blogs and finding the happiness in them, the positive and their experiences. It’s a way to communicate and make people happy. I blog to motivate, to inspire, to make me and other people happy. So they can find in them the creativity and happiness in the little things, such as blogging has done for me.

Kisty Mea, from The Style Mermaid (Singapore) says: 

I’ve been traveling to nearby countries before I moved to Singapore but it was only until I left home that I’ve finally realized how big this world really is. I’ve realized that while traveling will take me to new places, it will also broaden my knowledge. I’ll meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. They’ll have different beliefs but I will learn to understand those beliefs and respect them. I will learn to adjust and adapt. Because of this insight, I had this strong urge to travel the world and learn more about its rich culture and people. To be included in the 16 bloggers will help me fulfill that. The wanderlust force is strong in this one.

RunEatRepeat Blog (United States) says: 

I run around the world and eat all different kinds of foods on the way. I love traveling through life on foot. I am born in raised in Southern California and know it’s just one tiny corner of this great earth. I am curious and LOUD and FUN and would make the most of this experience.

Giannina Luxardo, from Viajera Soy Blog (Chile) says: 

I want and I have to win because I am the only blogger journalist travel in my country Chile. The other people from my country are traveling and a few have a blog but just to one destiny or just for shorts times. I am different, I want to learn and to live like for example you. Chile means “the end of the world” and to live here is dificult because all is more expensive and far, but I believe than nothing is imposible and dreams come true. Since I was a child I dreamed with others world, colors and races. I want to travel to all the world and to be a inspiration for many people. I want to teach about others cultures and show the most beautiful landscapes of our world, and I make it in my blog weekly. I was born in a farm in a very quiet place, my father is a farmer but he is the most wonderful men and he tought me than with a positive mind we can have the universe in our hands.

Rose Wilkinson, from Confessions Of Rose (UK) says: 

My dream is to travel the world, writing about their culture, their food, their fashion and anything else to do with the beliefs and ways of the country/city. It would be a dream to be able to do so with the Big Blog Exchange and gain experience into what my future career could be like!

** Do you have any favourite motivations from bloggers on the Big Blog Exchange? What’s your motivation?

Motivations We Love #12

Here are today’s favourite motivations:

Nina Bogosavac, from Het Nederland Blog (Netherlands) says: 

My blog is a platform for me as a journalism student to show the world what I can do. I’ve created a unique blog about Holland, to be more specific: my Holland. It shows my window on the world; my country. I do not only show this by my opinion, it’s more specific than that. I take social issues under my ‘loop’ and take my readers by the hand. I write this not just as Nina but as an upcoming journalist and so called ‘experience expert’. My background and roots have put me in a position that I can look at Holland as a ‘Dutchy’ but also as a foreigner. I write my blog with pleasure and I focus inter alia in my interviews on sociologists and philosophers. I would like to have a more far- reaching blog. I want to interact with my readers and start discussions about social problems. A big subject in my blog has been about refugees in our country. It is a not yet opened discussion, it was a theme where I felt I need to contribute to get that discussion started. I want to make people aware of our country. I see Holland not as black or white but coloured. And that’s a vision I want to share with people.

Cicilia Elviani, from aphroditeluvapple blog (Indonesia) says: 

I am Indonesian, who love to write and share though. i am really eager to win this competition because by travel outside and stay there, will give me a lot of experiences and idea for my writing. it will be great to feel another culture, to live with it, and emerge with it. by exchanging blog competition, it’s such a rare an opportunity. it will give me different point of view and sight to see another country and the other’s blogger also can feel how to live and mingle with my culture. i used to share the idea about the traveling, the environmental and the culinary issue. i do really concern about the environmental issue because its related to our planet where we stay, and as one of the world citizen, we should really care about where do we live now,and it’s a part of our responsible. it’s not only for us but also for our next generation. i do love food, it’s a part of the cultural idea, it’s very nice to share and taste the other’s food. a million of unique taste in tongue, 🙂 and i do love travelling, because live is to travel, 🙂

Martijn, from DIY-OE (New Zealand) says: 

Being curious is what DIY-OE is all about… Curious about other countries, cities, and people. Travelling is the cure for being curious. Therefore we’re always on the move; planning and travelling to amazing places around the world. And always looking for new experiences to blog about. Whether it’s about partying at music festivals in Europe or exploring new cities: where to go and what to do. Entering the Big Blog Exchange was simply a logical step to take. So vote for the travel addict of DIY-OE. Thanks.

Lidiane Spinola, from Viajando com Pouco Blog (Brazil) says: 

Demystify the idea that is necessary a lot of money to expand your view for the World and show everyone that the real beauty is in the stars in the sky and not the hotel!

Cacinda Maloney, from Points & Travel Blog (US) says: 

I should have the unique opportunity to change bloggers lives because of my unconventional life. You see, I am a physician, turned international travel blogger. I have a unique perspective in that I have lived a life of comfort and ease with big city living, There is much to offer here in my world, but truly, I would like to see how the other side lives. I think I can bring to the table an informed, honest account of how a life of pleasure and comfort can make for a challenging way of me seeing the other side of the world. Money cannot buy me happiness and after all these years of struggle to get to the top, I understand that happiness is a different pursuit than the one I have been pursuing . I am constantly in search of that fleeting moment I call happiness and contentment. I have traveled every 6 weeks weeks of my life for the last 18 years, going away is how I live and so to go away to live someone’s life seem so apropos. Pick me and you will not be disappointed.



Motivations We Love #2

Again, we are really enjoying reading your great motivations. Here are just a small preview of blogger motivations:

Jonny Blair, from Don’t Stop Living – A Lifestyle of Travel says:

I am a one man, walking, talking and writing guide to all seven continents. I have spent the last 10 years travelling the world, meeting new people, working in different jobs and experiencing anything and everything that comes my way. I am a passionate travelling Northern Irishman with an unstoppable quest to visit every country. I live a lifestyle of travel, because I created this way of living for myself. Vote for me and you’ll be reading my stories and gaining travel inspiration forever. Don’t be stuck in a dull, busy office or supermarket – get out and see the world! Don’t Stop Living, Jonny

Steve, from Social Matador says: 

Every so often in a person’s lifetime comes the opportunity to grow beyond your ability and to give back to the world more than you could ever have imagined. This is that day for 16 lucky people and I hope I am lucky too.

Adel, from Cape Town Collectables says: 

My blog focuses on the niche and interesting coffee shops, galleries, breakfast spots and moments caught on camera that make Cape Town the unique city it is in my eyes. These places and pictures you won’t find in travel brochures and I like adding a personal touch to my bloggings about life in my favourite city. But even though I’m a self-proclaimed Table Mountain nerd, I also love experiencing new and exciting places, hence the ‘Away seeing the world’ section on my blog. When I’m away, I like to discover local pastry shops, capture a different view of the over-photographed monuments and document the local experiences I have in a foreign place. I love travelling on my own and I would love it even more to apply my personal approach to blogging to someone else’s world.

Heidi, from Bits Of Sunshine says: 

The Blogging community is such a tight knit community, and I have so many friends all over the world that I may never meet, who I would love to meet! Baking and cooking is so ingrained in our cultures, how wonderful it would be to learn about a new culture!

Julie Chiou, from Table For Two says: 

I would absolutely love this opportunity to take part in this because one of my favorite things about food blogging is the ability to share my food and cooking with others all around the world. I think one of the most rewarding things about blogging is the friendships you make and what you learn through everyone’s lives and their cultures. I want to participate because I want to immerse myself in another’s culture and take in all that there is to take in. My readers would LOVE to read about the food, the culture, the experience, and especially the photographs I’d take along with this!