Motivations We Love #39

Here are some of our favourite motivations of the day: 

Hilal Secgin, from Turkey says:

I love travelling, meeting new people and cultures. People are the most important part of my life. Everything is better when you share it with others. So, I would like to share the beauties with people. This makes my life meaningful. Opening a different window to different lifes and being in touch with people who are full of passion and love of the world are the basements of my writing.”

Kendrick Ng Tiong Heng, from Malaysia says:

I love to travel! And I love to take lots of photographs as well! What’s fascinating is I turn my travels journeys into comics! My dream is to be able to experience different cultures overseas :3”

Caitlin Yarger, from the United States says:

I welcome any opportunity to travel to any part of the globe… I love immersing myself in different cultures and lifestyles, then sharing my experiences, good or bad, with those that read my blog! I aim to share my travel experiences with people who do not travel (for various reasons) or those looking for information about backpacking off the beaten path, where “guide books” don’t go. When one reads my blog, they get insight to different cultures, lifestyles and customs through text, photos, and video.”

Lucky Sibanda, from Zimbabwe says:

My blog serves as an motivational corner to any student who is about to give up. Articles written are written in a way to inspire and encourage learners that they can be the best through hardworking with the foundation being quality education. Learners are being challenge to be on their toes through my experiences. As i grew up, i went through various challenges which i believe sharing them with the world is the best tool to re-align many towards seizing the given opportunity. Different context are considered as the world is a complex set of interrelated systems.”


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Motivations We Love #36

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Brigid Prinsloo, from South Africa says:

A little blog made with love about the three things I love the most: Cape Town – the most beautiful city in the world, Tech – the websites and apps I cannot live without and Travel – the amazing cities/ people I have been lucky enough to see/ meet. I love blogging because I love sharing: I share my flat with interesting guests from around the world, I share my skills whenever I have a chance and I share my love for this beautiful country and the world. I would love to share my blog through the BlogExchange – obviously #LIKEABOSS!”

Luis Felipe de Magalhaes Tenorio, from Brazil says:

My blog is a little different from the others. I try to reproduce it all my travel experiences with a literary way of writing. Are realistic chronicling personal journeys, discoveries and learning, which also serves as tips to other travelers worldwide. I think I deserve to win the prize for trying to leave the common sense of the blog nowadays, that are more geared for the the commercial market and they lose the beauty of writing.”

Ashley Dy, from Japan says:

First, I want to travel the world. But I also want to have a purpose. I want to capture the world’s version of kawaii and spread Harajuku kawaii culture to the world as well. There are many things I’ve learned in Tokyo and one of those is to help each other to achieve your dreams. Seeing Big Blog Exchange’s goal on how to change the world, it’s a perfect fit to my purpose. If I will win this competition, I will not forget my purpose and my dream, that is to let people know that anyone could be kawaii if they just believe. Anyone could achieve their dreams if they make a move closer to that goal.”

Sandrine Cheyrou, from France says:

ReverDailleurs or ‘Dreaming of somewhere else’ in English is my travel guide for 5 years, starting with a trip to Reunion island. Each travel begins the same way – where to go and what to do? Interested in photography and keen on travels, I created my blog to share my top 10 beautiful reasons to fly to places I have visited all over the world. On you will find a mix of articles on nice hotels, stores to shop, good coffees to take away, natural beauty products to try, travel tips and so much more. Stay tuned!”


Keep an eye out for yours! Keep blogging guys – 6 days to go!



Motivations We Love #35

Here are some of our favourite motivations today: 

Cynthia Camargo, from Brazil says:

I began my journey to the corners of the world when I moved to Brasília at the age of 18, where I earned a degree in Social Communications from the School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM). At the age of 22, I moved to Los Angeles, and at 28 moved to Paris, where I began a career in tourism. During my time there, I wrote a guide on Paris and contributed articles to various newspapers and magazines. I also worked in Public Relations at the famed Moulin Rouge, where I created gastronomic tours guides throughout France, under the direction of Chef Emmanuel Bassoleil. Currently, I coordinate group seminars and tours around the world for Art &Fashion lead by Professor João Braga. My job is to inspire people on enchanting voyages, creating the perfect environment in which they can achieve unique memories. After 30 years of packing my suitcase with my own travel experiences, I decided to tell everything I’ve seen, felt and observed! I invite you to join me on my adventures and that, in some way, these stories inspire you to create your own path around the world. Bon Voyage!”

Velysia Zhang, from Indonesia says:

Keep Walking, Keep Traveling Blog encourages people to see and experience Indonesia. It’s informative, nice looking, full with attractive pictures. The journey shall continue until the whole world is explored.”

April John Grepel Niebres, from the Philippines says:

Since I was a kid, my grandest reverie has always been to inspire and change the world through the written word. Growing up, I have learned to love the arts and life. Infused with passion and aspiration, I brought into being an avenue for my life’s ways and whimsies. The A-venue is an anthology of lifestyle, culture, personal, inspirational anecdotes and a bit of everything about me – the food I eat, places I go to, clothes I wear, people who inspire me and many more. Unfailingly, I ensure that every post conveys a great value people are able to take and inculcate. At present, I relish filling up my blog with happy and inspiring thingamabobs and I have high hopes that I am making progress in making the world a better place. Mabuhay!”

Love Attached, from the United Kingdom says:

Emotional Health. A hard journey to document, but this is what I am attempting to do with Love Attached. Loveattached has stemmed from a collection of musings gathered through a period of time where I’ve witnessed death, birth, loss, violence and joy all wrapped up in my very traumatised and confused self. A self that for many years has been largely emotionless, yet a self that has recently gained the curiosity to want to understand more about the impact that Love and Attachment have on our everyday lives, our very being selves and the World around us. The role that Love and Attachment will play in, not only my future life, but the lives of those around me. For never do I want to have a person in my life, where there is not a mutual respect for the Love and Attachment between us.”



Motivations We Love #34

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Kim Fuerstenberg, from the United States says:

Travel is my passion. Weither I am hiking volcanoes, eating exotic foods, or finding the loch ness monster I want to do it and see it.”

Leslie Lipa, from the Philippines says:

It took me quite some time to figure out that knowing what you want to do in life is easy. You look at the the parts of you that feel like home and that’s it, that’s where you belong. And so when I looked, I found that I have been writing ever since I knew how, trying to go places ever since I knew I could, and getting to know people since I have been enraptured by the stories that make them up. I fall in love over and over again with places and its people because they have so many stories to tell that remind me how magnificent everything about life is. I could bask in the sights and sounds of cities and oceans because they speak of wisdom and truth. If you look closer, everything will sweep you off your feet, and that isn’t even the best part yet. There are people everywhere who are a smile away from changing your life, if you take a chance. I believe in endless conversations, in friendships that know no borders, in finding joy in little things. I have an endless zest to rediscover inspiration in places and people, and it’s a feeling that demands to be shared because it’s overwhelmingly wonderful so I want to spread the love across the globe. I want to understand more of the world and become a part of others understanding it too. Armed with a burning passion for the raw beauty of film photography, endless possibilities, and tiny discoveries, I hope I get this chance to tell and be told of all the beautiful things we have yet to know.”

Sandrine Cheyrou, from France says:

ReverDailleurs or ‘Dreaming of somewhere else’ in English is my travel guide for 5 years, starting with a trip to Reunion island. Each travel begins the same way – where to go and what to do? Interested in photography and keen on travels, I created my blog to share my top 10 beautiful reasons to fly to places I have visited all over the world. On you will find a mix of articles on nice hotels, stores to shop, good coffees to take away, natural beauty products to try, travel tips and so much more. Stay tuned!”

Nicholas Dawson, from Canada says:

Most of the travel blogs are used to give out tips to travellers, which is a good thing, but just a few of them give the chance to read the more philosophical, social and artistic side of traveling. The main goal of this blog, completely written in french, is to try to define through readings, reflexion and photographs, what wandering outside your own city really means for opened and artistic minds.”


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Motivations We Love #33

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Janette Krolczyk, from the United States says:

The best way of feeling alive and reaffirming that we are really here for a purpose, is to experience other cultures and places; meeting people who live differently than oneself, in every corner of the world.”

Surya Bhattacharya, from India says:

Growing up, I was ‘normal’. I had no passion except for hating routine with a vengeance. While everyone else I knew nonchalantly settled into jobs after college, I spent the entire week longing for the weekend, and then started sulking on Friday, dreading Monday. Work. Home. Work. Sulk. Repeat. Despite an Architecture degree in my pocket and a coveted job in hand, I quit in 10 months, spent a few months doing nothing and realised I could end up whiling my life away. So, looking for inspiration, I moved to Milan to study Design. After escaping the shackles of my liberal yet sheltered upbringing, I started traveling. And with every spectacular sunrise that I woke up to, with every rainbow I chased looking for pots of gold, from Italy to Poland to Croatia… Was when I found myself. Once the unremarkable girl with no apparent ambition, I now have the coolest stories. I’m the one who doesn’t just live, but thrives, for I have jumped off cliffs, hitchhiked solo in countries I didn’t speak the language, trusted strangers and had out of the world experiences. Each trip makes me come alive. My family says I became this person, I say I always was. I don’t focus on ‘offbeat’ or ‘off the beaten track’ places, but I like to enjoy ‘extraordinary experiences in ordinary places’. I want to see the world, decipher unintelligible street signs and drink coffee in cozy little cafes with new friends while absorbing their cultures. Live with them and laugh with them. Grow with them. I’ve been through the regular route, studied hard and got a job. I took the path well worn and went abroad to study further. And I am glad I did, for completely unexpected reasons, because it changed so much in me, that now I want to live life very differently than I thought I ever would. My past took me from chaotic, passionate India to bella Italia, through awe-inspiring moments in countries I never thought I would get a chance to see, countries I had never even heard of. Sometimes I wonder where my future will take me… Maybe a designer travel café is on the cards? Vote for me so I can show you that the world is not the scary place everyone makes it out to be, that you can travel by yourself and have mental experiences without having to protect yourself with a can of pepper spray hidden in your purse. Vote for me so that the next time you’re tempted to take a leap of faith and trust a stranger, you’ll remember my tales of faith and friendship and come away with great memories and a great story.”

Olivia Rivoalen, from France says:

Curious and passionate, travelling opened my eyes to the world. But more than seeing it, I need to feel it and live it. Travelling is a constant challenge. I’ve always felt the need to push myself to accomplish things I thought I couldn’t do. It helped me being more confident. Learning, discovering new things, meeting new people is what makes me happy, after a 6-month travel in Oceania and Asia, I left my home in France to find a new one in Switzerland. A small country with 3 different languages and cultures. Having lived in Zürich, having a foot in the Italian part of the country and the other one in the French part, I love telling my expat stories on my blog. And because sharing my travels is a way to continue the journey, my blog is also the mirror of my adventures, of my memories here and there, of what my life has become, having caught the travel bug. I would be honored to represent France in this Big Blog Exchange adventure. I see it as an opportunity to fulfill my appetite for new experiences, to prove myself I can do something extraordinary and above all, to live it and share it with someone else, in each other’s country.”

Winny Alna Marlina, from Indonesia says:

I have been following the bigblogexchange for one year. Last year, I was unsuccessful, so I am back try my luck again. My blog is about traveling. All my articles are based on my personal experiences while traveling in Indonesia and Southest ASEAN countries. Since I was young, my dream is to visit Europe and to experience a foreign culture. By following the bigblogexchange, I can pursue my dream because this program provides an exchange to my host country. It makes me excited to see a foreign culture and experience their way of life, to meet new people and add to the wealth of knowledge to the country because every country has unique characteristics. I hope to follow this blog contest so I can introduce the untapped tourism potential of INDONESIA and share with the world about My wonderfull country.”

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Motivations We Love #32

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Fawn Rogers, from South Africa says:

Since my double lung transplant last year I have been rediscovering what life is all about. I am absolutely loving my second chance at life and know more than most, how important it is to stop and appreciate the small things. I have never been able to travel and whilst the thought of now having an opportunity to do so excites me, it is also something that makes me nervous. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone is something I have been doing a lot of lately and I’ve realised that the biggest rewards come from challenges that scare you the most!”

Chelsea Caillier, from Canada says:

Since moving to Australia a couple years ago I’ve fallen in love with travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people, and understand the value of wanderlust. How I write, is how I think. It’s how I would tell a friend about my trip, crude stories and all. It’s for everyone’s entertainment, including my own, and a way for me to remember the little things about places I’ve been.”

Lyle Mark Bulado, from the Philippines says:

I’ve been a micro-blogger for a year or 2 now, it has been a frustration to me to continuously improve my blog posts for the best content as possible solely for my readers and to the people who might find my blog inspiring and helpful in their day-to-day endeavours. Knowing about this ‘Big Blog Exchange’ from a fellow blogger shivers me out of excitement (lol Haha), it could not only be a great experience, but a great privilege as well – for me to represent my country The Philippines out of hundreds and thousands of bloggers in all forms and in all aspects dreaming to be chosen as the one… Being able to exchange culture, diversity, civilization, taste, tradition, and even lives for real with a peer from out-of-the-country for a cause to promote peace and appreciation to each nation; witnessing it yourself, blogging them and beyond (being able to share it with your fellow countrymen and in the future) – would be so interesting. Winning this Big Blog Exchange 2014 would be so amazing I could die of happiness! XD — LyleQing”

Amélie Blondiaux, from France says:

From an artistic journey of a creative nature, I opened my blog to pass on to my through my photographs and stories, the beauties seen in both landscapes in photos of streets throughout Europe. On the lookout for Artists and murals cities strides, I share here always a personal point of view, and I bring selections to say more about them. I love the virtual sharing that brings my blog, but the actual sharing with other bloggers for 10 days can only be awesome. Go on an adventure for 10 days did not scare me and I intend to look in every corner of the track artists and beauty that each country, each person has to offer. Thanks.”

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Motivations We Love #31

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Namritha Sivsanker, from South Africa says:

A keen student of live forever learning new things, travelling to places that fascinate me every time I put foot in another country. Learning more about people and what gives us joy and strength. After travelling with my family for many years, I decided to travel again to see the world with different eyes, to be able to share travel tips, sights and destination markers. My blog covers a range of categories to keep my readers well informed of new, exciting and inspirational posts. I want my readers to benefit from my posts and to share & enjoy the many aspects of life. My posts are n English and I have readers and travelers from Canada. USA, India, Africa, Brazil, USA, UAE, China, England and other countries. I am always excited to travel more now and write about the man in the street. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet new bloggers who can share their ideas and teach me along the way. I would love you to vote for me to give me the platform to do more, be more and write more. South Africa needs more global recognition and you can make that a possibility. Thank you and God Bless.”

Kailea Frederick, from the United States says:

I strongly believe in the power of new stories. I am from a small town, on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Recently I returned home from a year abroad at, The International Youth Initiative Program (YIP), a life changing experience that has forever changed the way that I look out at the world. This past year I spent documenting my time at YIP, bringing out the story of a new form of education. I have had my blog now for two years, and feel that recently I have come into a new relationship with what I am wanting to offer the world through my words and images. Currently I am in the process of collecting stories from individuals from all walks of life. These individuals have either an inspired idea, or are already engaging with the work that they are here to do. What I want to offer is a spotlight on my blog to share the work they are doing.Through our time spent together I also want to offer conversation that looks at the deeper purpose behind what they do, as well as create concrete next steps to keep moving forward with their idea/project. I feel the most alive watching others come alive. My deeper purpose with my blog is to create meaningful and insightful content that moves the reader towards working with and actualizing their dreams.”

Katherine Anne Cutar, from the Philippines says:

Blogging served as my sweet escape ever since I discovered my love of it. Nested Thoughts is simply a quirky and upbeat manifestation of what I am all about and what I decide to fling to the world. In here, you may find yourself coming across varying posts which might pertain to my vigorous passion in regards to all sorts of things which might include fashion, music, aesthetics/general design, cats, food, literature, more food, and just about any life experience/happenings that I deem worthy enough to be posted. I must win and deserve an escape, or at least for me to somehow break away into new grounds and set foot into territories where I’ll be able to flourish even more as a person of creative and convivial nature. Things have just been kind of exasperating at my end, so a sort of break from it all would be a total life saver. …And also so I can make endless blog posts about the whole journey until everyone stops caring! Haha! :)”

Amaya Bercetche, from France says:

I want to show with my camera how beautiful is the world and we have to protect it.”


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Motivations We Love #30

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Evelin Mortensen-Henderson,  from Norway says:

You know that feeling when you just NEED to get somewhere, to see something new and do something for yourself? That NEED was what got me traveling at first. Life had been a struggle for a while and I had lost all but my wanderlust, so I set out on a trip to India. During that trip, somewhere in India, I found my strengths and my love for life again. So I kept traveling, and that eventually brought me to Hawaii (~7000mi from home) where I now live. But my wanderlust is far from gone, I still NEED to travel! Why? Because NOTHING gives me greater joy than seeing new parts of the world, meeting new people and explore new cultures. Well ok, that would be running WHILE traveling maybe?! So, send me somewhere and I’ll be that girl running around (literally), meeting people and exploring new things with a big SMILE on my face!”

Romain Beuvart, from France says:

I should win because I love sharing experience, that’s all what blogging is about. Sharing with the world to be aware of others, learn the differences and meet others can help understand that in the end different people are similar to you. Doing this exchange is a good experience for both bloggers as it allows us to be part of a unique one, I want to be part of it because i’m thirsty of discovery and new experience. I’m also a photography lovers so I’m hoping to give the best of myself to bring breathtaking photos.”

Katie K. Hawk, from the United States says:

When I found out I was doing to be fulfilling a big part of my bucket list, living in Europe, I thought it was time to start taking stock of some of the other things I wanted to do in my life. When I asked myself the question, “What do you want to do, Katie?” and it was clear. I wanted to have experiences, write about them, and then share it the void of the internet. I wanted to write. And by forcing myself to write things down regardless of who is (or isn’t) reading has given me more happiness than almost any other pursuit. I (haphazardly but lovingly) record my adventures in (poorly) composed prose and (beautiful) photographs.”

Nik Rielo, from the Philippines says:

Traveling is sharing, learning and caring.”


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Motivations We Love #29

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Emma Tilton, from the United States says:

I am a seasoned blogger, and would love this opportunity to connect with new readership around the world. In addition, I have barely traveled! I’ve never even left the USA (which seems to put me in the minority among most college students). This opportunity would likely be one of only chances I would have to see more of the world, experience new cultures, and expand my horizons.”

Seattle Dredge, from Canada says:

I’ve been doing this travel blogging thing for nearly four years now, but the best travel experiences I ever had were international exchanges back at ages 17 & 21. What chance will I ever have to do another exchange again? This needs to happen. Challenge: I get tattooed in almost every country I visit. I want my exchange partner & I to get tattoos representing each others countries.”

Bhumika Thakkar, from India says:

Even though I am a beauty, fashion, lifestyle blogger, I love travelling and exploring places. I want to see the whole world and I surely will. I have not yet blogged about travel much, but I definitely look forward to including an entire section on travel. Or may be start a new travel blog 🙂 Lets see. For now, I would love to win this, for starters.”

Pilar Flores, from Spain says:

By taking part in this competition I just would like to meet people and their blogs from all over the world! Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy life. Would you like to share my experiences with me? Read my blog! I have been writing it for nearly ten years. It all started because I broke my left arm when I was cycling with my mountain bike in the mountains near Granada. Consequently I had to stay at home for a couple of months without doing any outdoor activities apart from walking with my left arm inside a folded scarf. I had always loved photography and writing but had had very little time for doing it. I was a full time secondary teacher then. Now I am luckily retired. That leave was the perfect moment to start my blog in which I linked my two hobbies: writing and taking photos. When my arm got better, I went back to work and to my mountain bike rides and alll other activities and I also kept writing my blog and taking pics Besides, I have a very big family with many of its members living far from Spain. In my blog I try to tell them about our family celebrations and all kind of news about our relatives. I know that they like reading my blog to keep up to date with what is happening here. It would be great if also won this prize!!!”


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Motivations We Love #28

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Leasha Waddingham, from the United Kingdom says:

My Trip This Year is a fairly new blog that started (like many others) as a way to get rid of the verbal diarrhea that so many of us travelers seem to have (excuse the pun!) It sets out to openly admit to not knowing much about the world or how to travel sensibly but will happily share mistakes and thoughts with those like minded newbies. From advice to diary entrees it shows how someone with so much Wanderlust copes with spending most of the year saving to truly appreciate the trip of the year. It’s like Bambi standing for the first time, she doesn’t know what she’s doing but she’s gonna give it a bloody good try!”

Hanna Natalisa, from Indonesia says:

Being a mom of two toddlers and not yet in her 25 year of her life makes me feel awesome. Plus being young and a fresh graduate. It would be great to add ‘have seen more than one country’ to the list ;). I’d write stuff about family and it’s beautiful traditions in the country I go to :D.”

Tanya Lenardson, from the United States says:

Created this blog to share my experiences and have a keepsake to remember the many adventures and memories that I’ll make from here on out.”

Jessica Hewson, from South Africa says:

Like the music making troubadours of olde this digital damsel is on a journey. I am chronicling stories of all sorts of every kind of people. Travelling is about seeking and searching. Winning this competition would allow me to tell the tales of people in a faraway land. That would be thrilling for a story seeker! Contact me if you’re seeking a storyteller.”



Motivations We Love #27

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Ruan Smit, from South Africa says:

Pixelsmithstudios is 4 years old and since the first day my mission has been about promoting others, giving interviews and building a relationship with like minded people to help promote and share in any way I can. The interviews and features we’ve given have helped (the feedback we’ve heard of) people with new jobs and interviews on local newspapers. We want to help people in anyway we can and especially help our local artists build connections and get new jobs. In the next few months we’re going to start a job board section in hopes of providing more work and sharing our pride in our talented artists.”

Amber Jones, from the United States says:

Living on a sailboat is not the romantic fantasy I envisioned when I retired from my job and joined my partner on a 30-foot sloop! I was sucked in by the concept of sailing to tropical islands, swimming and snorkeling, and socializing with sailors at tiki bars. The reality is nowhere near as romantic. Yes, my photos show glowing orange sunsets and white-sand beaches, stingrays under the docks, and sails billowing in the breeze. However, there is no air conditioning, my legs are covered with bruises from lifelines and ladders, and those beautiful beaches are deserted because they are infested with bugs. The sails rip, the engine balks when you need it most, and boats notoriously leak from places that prove impossible to trace. Join me as I pour out my anguish in my blog, documenting the adventures (and mis-adventures) of Captain Pope and First Mate Amber as they cruise up and down the coasts and across the sea to the islands of the Bahamas. From riding the swells to feasting on fresh pomegranates, from swimming with sharks to cleaning the bilge, living on a boat offers both a chance to explore islands and marine sanctuaries inaccessible by land–and to throw all your money into a lurching, leaking hole in the water. Sipping rum cocktails with other sailors at sunset—tell me, just how big were those waves again?—and snorkeling in sun-dappled grottos make up somewhat for the wrenching of soul and fiberglass on ocean crossings. But my illusions of a relaxing cruise through a tropical paradise were quickly shattered with invasions of sand flies and the first two engine breakdowns. Crisis—or at least the fear of it–was a constant companion. Yet how many people actually carry out their dreams for leaving the 9-to-5 behind to see the world? We did. We left the comforts of bed and bath in favor of ocean swells, currents swift enough to smash boats into rocks, as well as playful dolphins, breaching whales, and long days in the sunshine. We wintered aboard the boat, cruising down the Intracoastal Waterway and across a finger of the Atlantic to the Bahamas, weaving among island chains as far south as Little Farmers Cay in the Exumas, and north to Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos. We learned local dialects, diesel mechanics, and how to cook conch. I offer my tales—all true, I swear!—to kindle your own fantasies and take you along on the “romantic” cruise of a lifetime.”

Vaidehi Venkatadriagharam, from India says:

I have been walking and hiking in the Himalayas for 25 years now. Nothing very fanciful – no expensive trekking gear or other luxuries like a porter. I was introduced to Himalayan treks by the Youth Hostels Association of India – inexpensive, basic but great, nevertheless. Now, I am a part of private trekking groups and enjoy all those fanciful things too. Being an average trekker, lacking in stamina and not having nerves of steel(while crossing a slippery glacier, for example), I seemed to be an unlikely candidate to continue with this activity. But, here I am, still addicted to hiking in the Himalayas. I have just started writing a blog to share my experiences, to demystify trekking in the Himalayas. Ordinary people like you and me, who are not adventure freaks or into serious mountaineering but who would like to physically exert themselves, breathe in the fresh mountain air and be one with nature, can hike on the innumerable trails in the Himalayas. At the lower altitudes, these trails take you through villages and you get a glimpse of the life of the simple folks living in this region. What the Himalayan trails offer is astounding – perhaps unmatched in this world – green meadows, some with flowers strewn all over, gushing mountain streams, thick forests, wildlife and of course snow laden mountains, Himalaya meaning the “abode of snow”. Walking these trails has enriched my life beyond description. You could do this too!”

Hollie Cradduck, from the United Kingdom says:

I believe I deserve to win this competition as considering the pain that surrounds my story and the reason why I blog is still raw getting away and seeing an exciting and alternate life to my own excites me. My life is very routine and if I had the opportunity to see how other inspirational bloggers live and write I feel it would be an invaluable life lesson to me.”


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Motivations We Love #26

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Therese Smith, from the United Kingdom says:

We would not survive on our planet without the ecosystems in place around us, yet so many of us are blind to them. In the recent years, I have started visiting places around the UK and abroad with the purpose of exploring the nature around us. I start mainly with the birds, but also enjoy the fascinating mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians that live in harmony with them. I hope that the accounts of my trips on my blog encourage others to go out and appreciate these incredible creatures and contemplate as to what they do for us. In exchanging my blog, I would be provided with the opportunity to explore a completely different place with species I have most likely never even heard of before. I’d get the chance to interact with a new readership and encourage them to embrace nature, whilst simultaneously introducing my current readership to a new and exciting location. I genuinely believe it would be the perfect experience!”

Ainoha Moura Aguirre, from Brazil says:

Hola! My name is Ainoha and I was born in Barcelona, Spain. I am Brazilian, my accent is Argentinean and I chose to live in Mexico City. Inspired by ecological projects fostering a more intelligent, human and sustainable Mexico, I created “Vanguardia Sustentable”, a space to communicate creative ideas and foster local and worldwide initiatives, which are committed to the development of a more fair and sustainable society. Engaging with people from different cultures, breaking with the routine, making new friends and recording everything related to sustainability are sufficient reasons to feel the need for packing up and immersing myself into the art of travel. Participating in “The Big Blog Exchange 2014” and your vote can help me achieve this goal. Thank you!”

Ashley Dy, from Japan says:

First, I want to travel the world. But I also want to have a purpose. I want to capture the world’s version of kawaii and spread Harajuku kawaii culture to the world as well. There are many things I’ve learned in Tokyo and one of those is to help each other to achieve your dreams. Seeing Big Blog Exchange’s goal on how to change the world, it’s a perfect fit to my purpose. If I will win this competition, I will not forget my purpose and my dream, that is to let people know that anyone could be kawaii if they just believe. Anyone could achieve their dreams if they make a move closer to that goal.”

Kalpana Bhandari, from Nepal says:

I am a wanderer in streets of Kathmandu -looking for something. My blog narrates my thoughts of what I see and how I perceive thing. My blog talks about architecture that everyone can relate to. It is an attempt to understand the practice of my city and how it lives everyday.”


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Motivations We Love #25

Here are some of our favourites of the day:

Ryan Cuncannon, from Canada says:

I should win because I am a full time traveler on my Eurotrip 2014 when I’m not living and working in Ireland. I’m also a amateur photographer and people love my pictures! I read somewhere “if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free”. I’ve been abroad for 6 months now, and am on week 4 of my backpacking adventure through Europe. I like to do travel photography and blogging on wordpress about my time in Europe. My pictures get a lot of attention on line which drives me to keep doing it. I run a YouTube channel, WordPress, Facebook page, Twitter, and WordPress as part of my travel blog arsenal. I am very computer literate, and I use Adobe Creative Cloud to edit my pictures and videos. A blog as much as I can without taking away from my trip.”

Reagan Decena, from the Philippines says:

Our world as we know it is grim and full of terrible news as of lately. We need to change that. The world needs something different. We might not have superheroes yet, but on the digital age that we are on now, bloggers can have that power. I can help reach out and spread positivity, good news and fantastic views on the world that we live in. May it be a random story from a stranger, or that perfect cup of coffee, I can be the herald of good vibes on the blogosphere. I believe bloggers are more than just people armed with a keyboard sitting behind the desk. I am more than that. Not (yet) a superhero, but a blogger for the world.”

Pedro Richardson, from the United Kingdom says:

My passion for all things travel determined my professional choice: hotels! From a language teacher, I became a hospitality person, hoping to travel the world professionally, living here and there. Little did I know destiny had other plans for me, making me call London home, and travelling differently. Seventy eight countries later, I now share my experiences around the world on my blog Travel with Pedro and the social media world. I enjoy transiting between different environments, from a street market in Iraq to a historical hotel in the French Alps, not forgetting people I meet along the way. I want to make the world my back garden.”

Abdeel Yanez, from Mexico says:

I LEAVE everything to travel. I never had vacations with my family because my mom worked hard to send me to the school. But I began to travel by myself when I was 11 (Scouts) When I turned 30 I decided to quit my job, take my backpack and LIVE. Now I have been in 24 countries, 700 cities, I used almost any kind of transportation that you can imagine. I want to inspire other people to travel and LIVE.”


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Motivations We Love #24

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Scarlet Paolicchi, from the United States says:

This Top Mom Blog is written by a Nashville stay at home mom blogger who reports on parenting tips, family fun activities, eco tips, family food, family travel, decor, discounts, and giveaways. Family Focus Blog would enjoy sharing this fun experience with readers!”

Nikki Watson, from New Zealand says:

GO CHASE THE SUN started at the end of 2013 with our need to ‘drift’ around the world. Our blog was a spontaneous idea when we came back to NZ from travelling Borneo. We decided then that we would go on a journey around the world leaving behind our life for a time to have an experience that would make us fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted and to begin to have a feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired. We both contribute to our blog writing posts about the countries we have visited together sharing our personal experiences. Some posts are more adventurous for the people who like living life to the extreme and others are more glamorous for the less adventurous traveller. If you have an ache for distance places and the craving for travel then our blog is for you!”

Louis Bedwell, from the United Kingdom says:

I write this blog for fun and to help process my challenges. I love to inspire and encourage others to step outside of their comfort zones, taking new opportunities and learning new skills. The Big Blog Exchange would allow me to share this passion, spreading the message and enabling others to make life memorable.”

Markus Kramer, from Germany says:

I want to travel and Explorer the world with all Adventures….Travelling is my life.”


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Motivations We Love #23

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Mariana Trigo, from Brazil says:

Crossing borders, go beyond. Be in fashion, in beauty, no matter, the important thing is always to go. That’s what I do, in what I believe. I believe in myself and the passion that moves me. For life, for people, for the world.”

Jasmine Rajah, Malaysia:

As an indigenous person, land is everything to me and my people; it is our source of wealth, our connection to our ancestors and our main source to identify ourselves as the true protectors of our land. Unfortunately, the pressure of development have stripped us away of our lands and its beauty to which we can only reminisce today. It is my hope that through this wonderful exchange opportunity, the blogger that will be a guest in my home can experience all that Malaysia can offer to them; from our beautiful nature to our vibrant and rich culture, from the warm friendly faces of our people to the savory and exquisite taste of our local traditional food. It’s great to know that amidst unfortunate tragedies that surrounds Malaysia, there is still that bit of warmth and beauty that the country can offer to its visitors. Here’s a pre-welcome to Malaysia!”

Hatty Grant, from the United Kingdom says:

I’m passionate about events and how they can change the world around us. I love my placement as a public sector events coordinator and how what I do affects the care that people are given every day. Events can have such an impact on people and communities and I would love to travel further to see the impact of events (especially third sector) on communities in other parts of the world.”

Rachel Gault, from the United States says:

I’ve always loved adventures and traveling. However, money and time are two things you need a lot of to embark on that journey and are pretty hard to come by. Being young (in my 20s) and not having kids, this is my chance to really explore the world! I’d love to do so and to share more of my adventures with my readers/the rest of the world!”

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Motivations We Love #22

Here are some of our favourites of the day:

Liz Harding, from New Zealand says:

In 2013 I quit my job in New Zealand and took a chance, travelling in the world with no real plans as to what I would be doing. I set up the blog Passport packed to share my adventures (and keep in touch with my mum). Leaving home with no set plans was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. It allowed me to become an opportunistic traveller, which has seen me enjoy a vast variety of once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. I’ve worked as a camp counselor in Germany, hitch-hiked through Spain, explored the Mekong Delta in Vietnam on the back of a Vespa, worked in a hostel in Santiago and spent countless nights eating, drinking and laughing with new friends. Being so free and outgoing has allowed me to work as a I see the Big Blog Exchange 2014 as the perfect experience for such a free and outgoing, opportunistic traveller like myself. Not only am I up for the challenge to explore a new country, but to detail my experiences on my blog (and possibly other blogger’s) also illustrates how much this wee hobby of mine, has grown since I started it. Although it started as a simple way to stay in touch, I now engage with brands, events and most importantly, over 4000 readers a month. It’s exciting to watch this grow.”

Zachariah Joe, from India says:

Oh, winning is secondary, taking part is all the fun. There is nothing like meeting like minded people from all over the world. In the process we all gain a little bit of knowledge. A good chance to smile and raise your eyebrows at times.”

Hazel Vint, from the United Kingdom says:

My blog started about one and a half years ago; initially it was to showcase the photography that I was capturing of the South African wildlife. Since then my blog has progressed to travel writing, my motivation is to give others the knowledge and practical information about visiting places in the world and to introduce people to all the fascinating landscapes and cultures. During the last four years I have traveled in Africa I have been trying to inform people that in fact this is not the Dark Continent, there are many mind blowing places and plenty of people who show me more kindness than many of my neighbours do back in the United Kingdom. This led me to the latest change in my blog, now including more photo journalism pieces. I want to delve deeper into African culture to try understand and show others the strong beliefs and traditions that shape the backbone of a completely different way of life. Every day I learn something new and wish to share with others who are also eager to learn about the differences of the world we live in.”

Tatiana Dornelles, from Brazil says:

“Apaixonada por viagens, louca por novos desafios e experiências, estou com muita vontade de participar do Big Blog Exchange. Tenho um blog de viagens desde 2011 e nele relato tudo o que faço em outras cidades e países, incentivando os apaixonados por viagens a embarcarem no próximo voo. Sonho em poder vivenciar coisas que ainda não pude experimentar. E, quem sabe, no Big Blog Exchange, eu consiga realizar este sonho…”
English translation: “Passionate a 2011 and it reported everything I do in other cities and countries, encouraging passionate about travel to board the next flight. Dream in power experience things that I could not even try. And who knows, in the Big Blog Exchange, I can realize this dream …”



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Motivations We Love #21

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Marie-Charlotte Lienard, from France says:

My blog tells the story of who I am : I live in Paris but I’m from northern France, from southern France, from Berlin, from Canada…every city i lived in and every person I meet are a part of me. Since I was a little girl I have been dreaming meeting people from around the world to see what we have in common, what makes us humans. I am always moved when 2 persons from different cultures meet and laugh about universal things. My blog is a windows on our world, and how I see the world. It would be amazing to be part of the big blog exchange to pursue my dream. Thank you.”

Calista Leah Liew, from Malaysia says:

Travelling and writing are two things that I live for. To experience a different culture, to explore a different city, to create memories and meet new people – what else could make a girl happier? Oh, that’s right: getting to relive every moment from a different angle while retelling the stories I’ve created in my blog to be able to look back and reminisce, or help others when they’re planning to travel to the same places! =)”

María Fernanda Arano, from Argentina says:

Traveling is a pleasure, through which I have learned a lot, A LOT, of life, cultures, languages. I’ve learnt to enjoy every moment, find pleasure in the smallest things and learn to live, to work, to move into the world. Living and sharing all my life, all the world with my best friend, my partner, my love.”

Sara Essop, from South Africa says:

I am passionate about travel and I want the rest of the world to discover the magic of travel too.”


We’re still really enjoying reading all of your amazing blogs and motivations – keep up the good work guys!

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Motivations We Love #19

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Lucy Ruthnum, from the United Kingdom says:

Absolutely Lucy should win because the writer behind the blog is craving an adventure, something that takes her outside the norm and away from everyday life. Stuck in a job with no future, a town that hasn’t changed in years and unsure of what her next move will be, this blogger needs a taste of real life and something exotic. She’s already thinking about just upping sticks and going travelling next year – this would be a great warm-up for her as she looks to change her blog from the usual lifestyle, food, music, opinion, fitness and festivals blog into one more focused on travel. Give her a chance to explore what life, and her blog, could really be!”

Maritzi Tullao, from the Philippines says:

This blog is about my second chance at life. Discovering hidden gems, travelling on a budget, and embracing the world by tasting their food and travelling with a happy tummy. Life isn’t a short walk in the park, but I do hope everyone would grab the chance and taste life as I see it. The story: Late last year, Nov 2013, I experienced a near-death tragedy and I’m still recovering from this. I was gun- whipped in the head by strangers who tried to get my belongings while I was off to work. I was able to survive and walk home drenched in my own blood coming from my head injury. I was rushed to the hospital to undergo a critical operation called Craniotomy in order to remove fluids in my head and fix the broken skull. Now, I’m still on my way to recovery and I’m trying to embrace my second life. My instragram @happytummytravels is a platform to inspire others, marvel on food, and travel on a budget. I’d love to make the most out of my second chance at life as I wander this world full of wonder.”

Ishwinder Kaur, from India says:

I love travel and live to travel. My whole ideology can be summed up with a caption. ‘Life is Travel is Life’. Me and my husband have a knack of finding things in places that lots of people miss out especially great deals, places to stay and most importantly places to eat. This contest sounds like something I would love to win and experience. Over the last year, our blog has become an integral part of our lives, and it would be same for other travellers. It is so exciting to get an opportunity to get access someone else’s blog and share our blog with them, and most importantly someone I do not know. Along with fun, it is also a test of trust and I am up for it.”

Michelle Gefre, from the United States says:

I have a deep desire to travel just like the next person. I want to use my travels to show and share the cultures of the world and to be an inspiration to others. With my travels I want others to see that they can do it too! That they can also trail the sun around the world and that it can be reality and not just dreams.”


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Motivations We Love #18

Here’s our favourites from today:

Adriana Lima, from Brazil says:

Traveling makes me feel alive, be present. And just like that, being present, we can experience something: a day, a trip or life itself. Winning this contest will encourage me to continue writing more and better, sharing my world with my readers. Stand with feet on the road is my destiny and I’ll follow it for aways.”

Dani Hub, from Canada says:

I hope to take every chance I can to explore the world, learn new things and better myself. In the year and a half I’ve been writing my blog I’ve learned a lot, seen a lot, shared these things with others and also gotten to relive all these amazing memories. Experiencing the world is one of the best things we can do. There is so much to learn from other cultures, history, architecture, food and people around the world, and I want to learn from all of them. I have fallen in love with writing and sharing my experiences with other people and I would be so thrilled to get the chance to share something new and exciting! I have so much to say, it would make me so happy to have more people listening!”

Maya Lombarts, from Belgium says:

My fascination for other cultures has started a long time ago. First I tried to learn their language, whether it was Czech, Spanish, Danish, Arabic, … As I grew older, I began to think further: how do they see the world? And how is their world view different to mine? I chose to study Intercultural Relations Management, became a volunteer for YFU, and hooked up with the erasmus students in my town (these are exchange students within Europe). I taught them some Dutch, learned about their cultures, and gave them a taste of Belgian beer (although I don’t drink beer myself, except for cherry beer which is very typical for the ladies because of its sweetness). This is how I travel without leaving my town. I want to win this competition because I have never been in another continent before because I don’t have an income yet as a student, and I would like to go and meet other cultures in their own habitat, instead of them coming to me. The blog I participate with is about my experiences with meeting other cultures. I wish I had started it a long time ago, but I came to the idea of making a blog out of it only today. My target group is everyone with an open mind who’s interested in cultures.”

Michi Tomizawa, from the Philippines says:

As you are reading this, this will be the nth time I have tried to make my life sound more upbeat than it actually is. And as you are reading this, you will know that I have failed miserably, and thus I will now narrate how I truly feel about this competition. Oh hai! I’m Michi, and I am from the sunny land of the Philippines. We generally have two seasons a year, sunny and rainy. I have never seen snow, except for that time I went to an ice carving where they sent shards of shaved ice in the air. I have never left the country, save for those times I dreamt I have visited other country’s airports (yes, even in my dreams, I could not even set foot overseas.) Like most people, I have long planned on taking vacations around the world in my 20s going wherever the wind may take me. And like other people, I have a job and bills to pay which always made exploring uncharted territories take a back seat to what people say is the most important thing in life – responsibly. If you, dear reader, would do me the greatest of all honors, and vote for me to take the trip of the lifetime – I promise to share every ooh! aah! oh! and ugh! moments with you, to take photos until my batteries die down, and to (maybe) instagram photos of everything I can with you so you can feel as much a part of this as it for me. Because in reality, we all want to be reckless and irresponsible. I am very willing to be all of these scary things – just so we can all be a little brave, and do what it is that our hearts crave the most. To all the people who are stuck to their 9 to 5’s, help send this fool to France! So she can really see what all this “Wanderlust” fuss is all about. Love you guys, and wish me luck! – Michi.”


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Motivations We Love #17

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Elizabeth Barnett, from the United States says:

I love to travel. I have been to almost all of the 50 United States, to Canada, the Dominican Republic, and India. I enjoy learning about other cultures and enjoy meeting people. I have been a member of Hosteling International and have enjoyed my stay in hostels! It would be my pleasure to meet the audience of another blogger and swap lives sharing my experiences on social media!”

Julia Angelica Pallones Oasin, from the Philippines says:

I’ve been blogging for two years now, and being inspired by other bloggers like Camie Juan and Kisty Mea, who both won the bigblogexchange contest, made me lust for wander. They made me realize that the world is wonderfully unknown, and I want to be one of those people who travels and learn the culture i never thought I could learn and experience. Winning the competition will not only change my life, it will also change my blog, perspectives, values, and other people’s lives.”

Katie Dawes, from the United Kingdom says:

Hello! The Hostel Girl began as a place to tell the stories of people I met whilst working in backpackers hostels… and is now evolving to a platform to share my own experiences staying in hostels worldwide! I have always been a HUGE people person, and realised quickly that the hostel community, it’s acceptance of all travellers from across the globe, and the growth of hostel lifestyles was something that I wanted to share with others through the blog. One of a very few number of blogs that focus specifically on the hostel lifestyle, as opposed to the travel lifestyle, I want to contribute to the community by offering tips and knowledge gained from my own experiences. After moving back the UK after 7 months in Budapest, I’m now planning a hostel-based UK roadtrip after which I have no idea where I’ll be going… I just know that I’ll keep going!”

César Castro, from Portugal says:

I like to work. To explore. To investigate. To know. Language is my medium. It is through her that I communicate with others and how I discuss. i’m Portuguese – and that explains everything. I believe I can go across borders, such as the Portuguese ancestors once were. And won. With my participation I want to show that culture still survives, there is still a glimmer of hope among young people like me and so many others, who show more “cultural” tastes that sometimes go unnoticed in the statistics. I want to show, or at least try to prove, that Portugal is not culturally dead, without ideas for the future. I want to show with my participation that I don’t follow the Portuguese “politicking” that boil down to “the politics of illiteracy, spoiled boys, crooks of all kinds’ devoid of any knowledge acquired without recourse to the effort or initiative. In short, I want to represent the name and proud of my country and take it to the world.”


You’re motivations really are a joy to read – there is so much passion in the competition. Keep blogging!


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