The BBE Has Been Spotted On YOUR Blog!

It is so lovely to see that you are writing, blogging and spreading the word about the Big Blog Exchange, especially with so much enthusiasm, passion and creativity! We have been taking a look at your blogs over the past few days, and here are some of our favourite posts from them!

Sophie Rose HeartsBlog Mother Gaoel

exchanging blog - perfect waste of timeCraft, Clothes and Crohns- The Big Blog Exchange

- I heart Reykjavík

1 Minute Favor- Please Vote for Me in the Big Blog ExchangeMother Gaoel Blog- Follow Big Mother Support Blog Exchange- Not Just Roads Abroad

Kairyuzai N Samm- The Big Blog Exchange Competition 2013


Have you written, tweeted or blogged about the Big Blog Exchange? Let us know and you could be featured next time! 

What Do You Blog About?

With over 450 bloggers signed up to the exchange so far, we already have such a variety of topics being blogged about. Some of you blog about travel, which is great – because of course, the BBE will involve ten days of exciting travel, however many of you choose to blog about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, SEO, food, television and photography! It’s so great to see such a diverse range of bloggers in one big community!

So, we wanted to take the chance to ask you – what’s your favourite thing to blog about – and your favourite thing to read about? And what inspired you to blog about that subject? 

We can’t wait to hear from you!