Back for 2016!

We’ve had a lot of emails asking about when the next Big Blog Exchange will be taking place. Our celebrated competition is taking a break this year but will be back in 2016 with more excitement and surprises than before.

In the meantime we hope you’ve been out trying new things, meeting new people and creating memories. Why not take some travel inspiration from our past winners and find out what they’ve been up to since their exchange?

Stay tuned and happy travels

#bigblogX Team

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The epilogues are in!

We can hardly believe it’s been almost 3 weeks since our bloggers returned home from their cultural exchange adventures. This years competition was an incredible journey not just for the bloggers who took part – but for us here at HI and the followers too. We threw our winners a surprise country to explore, and sent them on their way to learn as much as they could about the culture – all the while recording their experiences so that we could learn alongside them.

We had lost luggage, delayed flights, new friends, new families, minds opened, perceptions changed – and some unforgettable experiences providing insights into an unfamiliar culture. We followed our winners from the packing of their bags to the moment they landed back home, documenting every experience and thought in between.

Now that our bloggers have settled back into every day life, we asked them to take a look back on their Big Blog Exchange experiences. What did they learn in their exchange countries, what did it mean to them? Their reflections, memories and musings were translated into wonderful video epilogues – and here they are on our HI Youtube channel for you to see. Just follow the link to find out what our bloggers thought about their time with TBBE.

If you would like a chance to be in our 16 winners shoes next year, you can register yourself on the BBE site to recieve notifications about BBE 2015! It’s been an amazing journey – and we will see you next year for another Big Blog Exchange adventure – welcoming 16 brand new bloggers.




Blogger epilogues!

Our bloggers exchanges may have now come to an end – but the Big Blog Exchange journey isn’t quite over yet.

On the week of the 24 November we will be bringing you our winning bloggers video epilogues. These epilogues will see our 16 winners look back on their Big Blog Exchange adventures – what it meant to them and what they have learnt.

The epilogues will also see the bloggers talk about their exchange countries, and will provide an insight into what they learnt about the culture and the people during their time there.

Whether you’re thinking of joining the competition next year or you have been following their journeys since the beginning – make sure you tune into the site at the end of November to catch up with the winners post-BBE!

The conversation is still going! #bigblogx 


Day 10 – BBE daily summary

As sad as it makes us to say it – the exchanges have now come to an end!

Yesterday our bloggers enjoyed their last day in their exchange countries, took in their last doses of the beautiful cities they were residing in, and reflected on the wealth of amazing experiences they have all had over the last 10 days. It’s been an incredible journey not just for the bloggers – but for the readers and all of us here at HI too.

Our bloggers may be making their way back home today, but the Big Blog Exchange journey is far from over!

Over the coming days we’ll be bringing you the results of some more challenges we set the bloggers during their exchanges – such as the second edition of our best activity video challenge and the results from our best video interview challenge! We’ll also be posting some interviews with the bloggers and of course, our video epilogues that will see them all reflect on their Big Blog Exchange journeys – keep an eye out for these videos at the end of November.

If you’re only just tuning into the Big Blog Exchange journey – it’s still not too late! You can still join us for a 10 day digital trip around the world by going back to our day 1 daily summary and making your way back to here – the final day.

You can follow their adventures and catch up with what they will be doing when they return home as they report live on Twitter, as well as by searching the #bigblogx tag on Instagram. You can also catch up with our 16 winning bloggers by taking a look at their individual blogs, as they post more stories, reflections and photographs from their journeys.


For now, here is what our bloggers got up to on the 10th and final day of their exchanges..

Lucie, France to USA! Lucie spent the last day of her USA exchange in the wonderful city of Austin, Texas. A city she has grown to love over the last few days, and will take away nothing but fond memories of. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Austin yesterday – and Lucie made the most of the weather by kicking off her Sunday with a long walk along boardwalk. She grabbed some lunch at a DIY restaurant, and admired the beauty of the natural spring pool right in the centre of the city. She ended her day in Austin by visiting the crazy cathedral of junk and made her way back to our Austin hostel to start work on customising her Big Blog Exchange T-Shirt! 
Follow Lucies journey on Taralynns blog.

Builf uout oen lunch Lucie in austin Lucie Lunch Museum of junk natural spring pool in city centre, austin Sunday morning broadwalk texas


bbe shirt

Taralynn, USA to France! Yesterday Taralynn explored Amiens a little before a long day of travelling back to the iconic capital of Paris – the city she kicked off her Big Blog Exchange adventure in 10 days ago. Taralynn has written a post on Lucies blog about her lunch with the secretary general of Hostelling International in Amiens yesterday.
Follow Taralynns journey on Lucies blog.

10755876_794657913906861_784530866_n Street performers in Amiens travelling

Logan, Canada to India! Yesterday Logan set off in a Jeep in search of wild tigers, it was on his India bucket list to see them in their natural habitat, and he was determined to tick it off. We’ll have some photos for you soon from his day, for now however, here’s a reminder of what he did the day before. He set out to complete his exchange partner Purujeets dare – to ride a camel. He couldn’t find any camels however – so he improvised! He rode an Elephant through the jungle and saw a whole host of other wildlife – we’ll count that as a dare completed! Logan has also spent some time with the fantastic YHA India team in the offices in Delhi!
Follow Logans journey on Purujeets blog.


Logan meeting with YHA India team Logan with YHA India CEO With YHA India full team

Purujeet, India to Canada! Yesterday Purujeet made his way over to Halifax in Nova Scotia. He explored the markets for the day and made his way back to our Halifax hostel for some home cooking and a farewell!
Follow Purujeets journey on Logans blog.

Bridge in Halifax, Peggyscove Canada Capture lobster at niagara Toronto street art


Vincent, Malaysia to Argentina! Vincent spent his final day in Argentina in Buenos Aires – and what a beautiful day it was! He got his caffeine fix at Cafe Tortoni with his exchange partner Belens dad and his friend, before heading out to explore the city a little more before saying goodbye to Argentina, for now!
Follow Vincents journey on Belens blog

BA Street baa blossom in buenos aires blossom tree in buenos aires Buenos Aires HS Florida hostel inside Cafe in Buenos aires Cafe torton buenos aires coffee Hostel buenos aires HS Florida hostel staff Vincent ba Vincent with Belens dad and friend Vincent with Belens dad Vintage taxis

Belen, Argentina to Malaysia! Belens last day in Malaysia was spent in the state of Penang, the place she has seen a wealth of unique and beautiful street art in over the last few days. Vincent has spent time with both of Belens parents in Buenos Aires since arriving in Argentina, and Belen has also met some of Vincents loved ones while in Malaysia! While in Kuala Lumpur Belen had a meal with Vincents wife and sister! 
Follow Belens journey on Vincents blog.

Belen with Vincents wife and sister Penang

Ainoha, Brazil to Ireland! The last stop on Ainohas Irish adventure is the city of Dublin! She explored the city, and is preparing to say goodbye to the wonderful HI Ireland staff and the country she has fallen in love with over the last 10 days.
Follow Ainohas journey on Stephanies blog.

Last stop

Stephanie, Ireland to Brazil! Stephanie spent the last day of her Brazillian adventure in Rio de Janeiro, in the same city and hostel in which she began her Big Blog Exchange adventure 10 days ago. She met a fellow traveller from Scotland and they decided to head into Rio exploring for the day together. They visisted the Panema Hippie Fair, stumbled across a traditional Irish bar – and headed for the top of the iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain! 
Follow Stephanies journey on Ainohas blog.

10809713_1550607961837489_909944397_n cabanacopa hostel rioIpanema Hippie Fair  Ipanema Hippie Fair2 IRISH BAR metro New pal from scotland] rio hostel copacobana Stephanie at sugar loaf sugar loaf mountain Wild monkeys

Jono, Australia to Slovenia! After a big farewell celebration (with a lot of wine) the night before in our hostel, it was time for Jono to say goodbye to Slovenia. He spoke of the country with such a warmth, and was incredibly saddened to have to say goodbye. He headed for Venice to catch his flight back home, and it’s beauty somewhat softened the blow of leaving Slovenia (briefly anyway.) He was told to get a taxi to the airport, and spent a few minutes slightly confused as to how until he realised that the taxis would of course be by water! Here are some additional photographs from Jonos 10 day Slovenian adventure.
Follow Jonos journey on Ninas blog.

10808583_570088733091558_1426121561_n venice


TBBE (1019) TBBE (1023) TBBE (1026) TBBE (1056) TBBE (1059) TBBE (1085) TBBE (1094) TBBE (1096) TBBE (1100) TBBE (1101) TBBE (1103) TBBE (1104) TBBE (1106) TBBE (1110) TBBE (1111) TBBE (1113) TBBE (1115) TBBE (1119) TBBE (1120) TBBE (1123) TBBE (1127) TBBE (1182) TBBE (1189) TBBE (1196) TBBE (1203)

Nina, Slovenia to Australia! Nina arrived at our Melbourne hostel yesterday, and sadly today she is saying goodbye to Australia and the Big Blog Exchange journey. She said she has had the experience of a lifetime, and when we spoke to her earlier she was in Malaysia on her way back home – already missing it down under!
Follow Ninas journey on Jonos blog.

Melbourne central YHA Goodbye Australia tweet with text and photo Capture

Ruth, UK to Hong Kong! Yesterday was Ruths final call for shopping in Hong Kong – so she visited all of the local markets! Today with a heavy heart she says goodbye to Hong Kong and flies back to the UK. Here are some snaps of her with the staff from our YHA Mei Ho House hostel. 
Follow Ruths journey on Kittys blog.

64762_766985433373756_7621880779771777032_n 1492170_766985423373757_5286680557034543252_o 1796687_766985430040423_5574615421716008580_n 10501855_766986810040285_1291527067402888688_n Mei Ho House

Kitty, Hong Kong to the UK! Kitty wrote a letter to Bristol and Bath describing the differences between the cities, and how much she loved them. Today she is in Liverpool and will be returning to London to catch her flight back to Hong Kong and say goodbye to England – for now at least.
Follow Kittys journey on Ruths blog.

1797563_705878639502190_4914973164341919823_n 10808522_794629573913572_1737385618_n postcard to bristol and bath

Manuel, Spain to South Africa! Yesterday Manuel enjoyed his last day in beautiful Cape Town and took this incredible shot for us. Today he’s headed for Johannesburg before catching his flight home to Spain!
Follow Manuels journey on Roys blog.

Manuel Cape Town

Roy, South Africa to Spain! Roy spent yesterday in the last stop on his Spanish itinerary – the iconic city of Barcelona. He enjoyed his last Spanish sunset before heading back to Madrid to catch his flight home to South Africa this afternoon. 
Follow Roys journey on Manuels blog.

Last sunset in Spain

Marcela, Italy to Philippines! Marcela said goodbye to Baguio and made her way back to the city of Manila, today she catches her flight home and says goodbye to the Philippines – but she’s already started planning her return in 2016!
Follow Marcelas journey on Tessas blog.


Tessa, Philippines to Italy! Tessa spent yesterday hanging out with the Pope, well, not literally, but she did see him! She went on a tour of the Vatican and managed to capture a shot of the Pope as he appeared on the balcony at midday. She’s decided to stay in Europe for a few extra days to see France and Iceland, and we wish her a safe remainder of her trip! She spoke of how proud she was that she had faced her fears and travelled solo for the past ten days in Italy on the Big Blog Exchange – and we’re so pleased about that!
Follow Tessas journey on Marcelas blog.

Instagram snip - survived travellign on my own Pope

Our bloggers may be making their way back home from their 10 day exchanges today, but the Big Blog Exchange journey isn’t quite over yet!

Follow the conversation #bigblogx


Day 8 – BBE daily summary

What an amazing journey the Big Blog Exchange 2014 has been so far, every single day we’ve seen our winning bloggers leap out of their comfort zones and experience new things in a new country, staying in our hostels, gaining an understanding of the countries culture and sharing every thought and moment with us all. If you’re only just tuning in, you can catch up on what’s been happening over the last 7 days by going back to our day 1 daily summary, and making your way back to right here – day 8! Here is an overview of what our winners got up to yesterday in 16 countries across the world.

To follow their journeys you can read their individual blogs, but remember they will be posting on their exchange partners blog for the duration of the exchange. You can also follow the individual adventures as they report live on Twitter, as well as by searching the #bigblogx tag on Instagram.

Lucie, France to USA! Yesterday Lucie said goodbye to the beautiful city of San Diego and headed over to Austin, Texas! She had the fantastic opportunity to attend Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin and said it is by far one of the best festivals she has ever been to in her life. She saw some giant Jenga, some BMX shows, had a grab & go traditional festival lunch and discovered some new favourite bands. She stayed in our HI Austin hostel last night. 
Follow Lucies journey on Taralynns blog.


austin texas BMX Bye san diego hello austin fff fest 1 FFF Fest goobdyee Jenga Lucie at fff lunch a ffff  wildcat

Taralynn, USA to France! Taralynn landed in Rennes yesterday. As soon as she arrived she became obsessed with the city and declared to her readers that she absolutely adored it. She spent the day exploring and last night she made her way to the next stop on her french itinerary – Amiens. She’s exploring there today, and we’ll catch up with what she got up to on tomorrows summary.
Follow Taralynns journey on Lucies blog.

Lunch Rennes collage Rennes

Logan, Canada to India! Logan took a train up north and got into Ramnagar, where his next accommodation was located. He had a bit of trouble acquiring Wi-Fi so unfortunately we don’t have any photos for you from his day, we do however, have a strange little story. Despite his frustration borne from the lack of Wi-Fi that day, Logan managed to find connection for a brief period of time. He was sat outside his accommodation by the entrance, and suddenly realised his phone had picked up a signal from somewhere. He looked to his right and saw a deep, ominous Indian jungle. He looked to his left and saw 5 homeless men cooking their dinner over a fire, whilst listening to Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’. He was slightly confused about where this connection had come from, given his odd location – but he didn’t question it, and instead decided to use the surprise glimpse of connection to inform us of this strange occurrence. You may  remember Logan’s odd Justin Bieber themed taxi ride at the beginning of his trip in Delhi, he thought this would be the last time he would hear this, but he was wrong. His driver in the middle of the Indian jungle played it again yesterday, shortly followed by Celine Dion and Bryan Adams, the perfect trio of terrible Canadian music (his words, not ours.) He laughed as an entire street of Indian residents turned to watch as his taxi pass through, with Bryan Adams ‘This Is Me’ on full blast. What an odd day. We assume he will be compiling all of these songs into a ‘BBE India 2014’ soundtrack when he returns to Canada. Today he’s off to see some Tigers and Elephants!
Follow Logans journey on Purujeets blog.

Purujeet, India to Canada! Yesterday Purujeet said goodbye to Niagara, the falls and the fantastic team of staff he had formed such a warm opinion of (and had become a part of for a while) and made his way to Montreal. He explored the area for a while and headed out for Tacos at a fantastic little Mexican place. Last night he attended a pub crawl, and partied with fellow travellers from 7 different nationalities, swapping stories and making friends, staying in line with what this project is all about – cultural understanding. 
Follow Purujeets journey on Logans blog.

M Montreal meal pub

Vincent, Malaysia to Argentina! Yesterday Vincent left HI Bariloche and made his way to the airport. His next stop was Buenos Aires, a city he has already formed fond memories off from earlier on in his BBE adventure.
Follow Vincents journey on Belens blog.

Capture cryv hostel band Plane and andes bariloche airport plane ticket vdrg

Belen, Argentina to Malaysia! Belen has been exploring Penang further, saw even more of Malaysias unique and beautiful street art (that involves a lot of cats!) and visited the fantastic camera museum – a great place to visit for any blogger!
Follow Belens journey on Vincents blog.

923826_788169004573083_1675469882_n 928637_846998278684590_618524184_n 928647_1532333463651295_908761861_n 10546530_339940182857369_1500213080_n 10553989_496817690460897_693884413_n 10735341_1486315168324766_46133359_n 10735406_1503067509956241_242438738_n 10787716_408292335984774_1617924196_n 10787766_1504199399834461_118460596_n 10787947_1553813404833295_1259443278_n 10802660_1497232013879988_2015442598_n 10802777_563641003768644_1770104850_n 10808423_557748751025353_1126469004_n 10808440_658578350926151_767231698_n 10808600_566922273409678_1100667047_n 10808608_1557634447788836_763629532_n

Ainoha, Brazil to Ireland! Yesterday Ainoha made her way back through Dublin and over to Galway City! She explored the area, saw the Spanish Arch and ended her night with some traditional Irish music at a local pub, before retiring to our Sleepzone hostel.
Follow Ainohas journey on Stephanies blog.

1236128_730306457061357_8624469853814686647_n 10713016_730304780394858_7258336584991220028_n galway city map spanish arch

Stephanie, Ireland to Brazil! Stephanie spent her 8th day in Brazil in the naturally beautiful area of Arraial do Cabo! She was originally supposed to get on a bus back to the city, but she just couldn’t say goodbye to the beautiful beaches just yet. She extended her stay slightly and did some snorkeling, and after seeing her photos – we understand why!
Follow Stephanies journey on Ainohas blog.

10375670_749720451784445_1066536150_n 10533403_715752471846258_81217979_n 10537263_1507647569512945_1738761292_n 10731913_1556292301270871_114897856_n 10731920_748167098591253_196569805_n 10735354_550996268333439_70015486_n 10735435_1567255623486519_551476931_n 10747954_550362038428024_1982850599_n 10755976_1564739007090525_685862104_n 10787793_1492051094410826_1468568296_n 10803000_308958305973417_48636345_n 10808513_1586135908282409_1414848437_n 10808776_762572967123384_223990662_n beachhhh blank

Jono, Australia to Slovenia! Jono has described the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana as a ‘fairytale town’. Yesterday, despite the rain, he woke up ready to make the most of his last day and night in Ljubljana. He said goodbye to hostel Tresor, a former bank, but not before robbing it and escaping on a long board.
Follow Jonos journey on Ninas blog.

capital Capture rain sign in hostel tweeti

Nina, Slovenia to Australia! Nina has put together a video of her time canyoning and abseiling in the beautiful Blue Mountains that we just had to share with you! Yesterday Nina was in Melbourne exploring, she saw some street art, had some Kangaroo burgers and stayed at our Melbourne hostel.
Follow Ninas journey on Jonos blog.

10734185_663127517136357_2632340876706350445_n Capture Great Ocean Road Kangaroo burgers in yha melbourne street art

Ruth, UK to Hong Kong! Ruth met Stephanie from YHA Hong Kong yesterday, and had a fantastic tour around a local museum.
Follow Ruths journey on Kittys blog.


Kitty, Hong Kong to the UK! Kitty wrote a letter to London, thanking it for the incredible few days she spent there at the beginning of her adventure in England. Yesterday she hopped on her next train over to York!
Follow Kittys journey on Ruths blog.

10171821_705870022836385_8229252440311657860_n Letter to London train to york

Manuel, Spain to South Africa! Manuel spent yesterday in beautiful Cape Town, and took some amazing shots for us.
Follow Manuels journey on Roys blog.


Roy, South Africa to Spain! Roy took some beautiful shots in Pamplona, said goodbye and made his way over to Zaragoza yesterday. Today he’s touched down in Barcelona, and we’re already excited to see his shots from the incredible city. 
Follow Roys journey on Manuels blog.

Kingdom of Navarre, Pamplona original shot The Basilica, cathedral of our lady pillar zaragoza

Marcela, Italy to Philippines! Marcela has now reached the last city on her agenda, Baguio! She checked into our hostel and enjoyed the stunning views.
Follow Marcelas journey on Tessas blog.

1739782_1590895304464163_1456009458_n Capture sm

Tessa, Philippines to Italy! Tessa explored Italy‘s third largest city yesterday, Naples.
Follow Tessas journey on Marcelas blog.

09 Creamy Buildling IMG_8195 10 Vegetable Market IMG_8241 11 Naples by the Water IMG_8292 12 Breakwater IMG_8328

It’s currently day 9 of our 10 day digital trip around the world, and we’ll be giving you the full low-down from today on the blog tomorrow!


Winners Landed


Challenge 3 – Best activity video

As you will know if you’ve been following the Big Blog Exchange journey, we’ve been keeping our bloggers very busy by setting them a whole host of different challenges to complete both before their adventures began and since they kicked off. Before the exchanges started we had the Local Lingo Challenge, where we asked our bloggers to create a video survival guide for their exchange partner coming to their country. We had blogger bucket lists, and we asked them all to be a bit mean and dare their exchange partners to do one thing whilst they were in their country. While they were away on their adventures we had the breakfast photo challenge, the landscape photo challenge and the best hostel photo challenge.

Now it’s time for for the results of our best activity video challenge!

We asked our winning bloggers to capture a short video of an activity they’ve taken part in since they landed in their exchange partners country – and this is what they came up with…

Nina, Slovenia to Australia – Surfing at Bondi Beach, Sydney

Roy, South Africa to Spain – Walking the streets of Madrid

Jono, Australia to Slovenia – Crossing the River Mura in Slovenia using an ancient barge

Ruth, UK to Hong Kong – Hong Kong trail

Manuel, Spain to South Africa – community work 

Manuel – “This is a visit to a school in the village of Ghini where I could see the facilities they have these young students aged between 3 and 6 years. I have also been able to observe their teaching methods, very different from those used in Spain, as well as the school supplies.

Families who can afford pay a monthly fee of 80 rand, just under 6 euros for their children to go to school, receive lessons in Xhosa and English plus two meals a day. I found it an unforgettable experience being with these children during school hours, watching how they proudly showed to me their drawings watching those pretty smiles and greeting me with enthusiasm. A unique visit that ended with a nice moment in which many of them were encouraged to play me some songs, one of them the national anthem, a moment that I want to share with you.

From what I have known many people that South Africa makes every effort to move forward with this country, one is the woman that launched this school two years ago in a humble cottage with a capacity for 12 students and a short time later has about 55 and the facilities have greatly improved. This is also South Africa, a country where everyone gives you their greetings and best smile at every moment.”

Tessa, Philippines to Italy – In transit

Ainoha, Brazil to Ireland – Arrival in Ireland and Cork City

Logan, Canada to India – Rickshaw journey through the streets of Agra

Vincent, Malaysia to Argentina – A fantastic show in Buenos Aires

Lucie, France to the USA – A walk in Rock Creek Park, Washington DC

Kitty, Hong Kong to the UK – Harry Potter Studio Tour

Purujeet, India to Canada – Hiking the Sea2Sky trail

We sent the videos around the HI office and after a lot of deliberation and thought, we have our winner.

(Drumroll please) Aaaaaand the winner is… JONO! Everyone at HI loved your video, generic travel documentary voice – and the activity itself. Well done!

The exchanges may be over, but the journey is not. We will still be bringing you the results of our best interview challenge in the next few days! As well as our blogger video epilogues at the end of November, which will see our winners reflect on their Big Blog Exchange experiences.


Challenge 2 – Best landscape photo

As you all know we’ve been keeping our bloggers very busy not just in the build up to their exchanges, but during as well. Not only with their exciting and busy itineraries, but by setting them a whole host of different challenges to complete while they are away.

Now it’s time for challenge number 2!

We have 16 very different countries being represented by our bloggers in the project this year, no one country is in any way comparable to the next. Each has it’s own rich history, it’s own unique culture, and it’s own vibe. One of the beautiful things about the Big Blog Exchange project is giving 16 people the chance to get to know everything there is to know about a country drastically different to their own, and being able to see it through their eyes. We asked our bloggers to take a landscape photo within their host country, so that we could see the diverse beauty of each destination from their individual perspectives, and this is what they came up with..

Kitty in the UK – View of Bath, Somerset


Ainoha in Ireland – Wicklow Mountains National Park

Ainoha wicklow mountains np

Logan in India – The beauty of Amber Fort in Jaipur

Logan Amber Fort in Jaipur

Lucie in the USA – San Diego sunset

Lucie - USA

Manuel in South Africa- The beauty of South African mountains 

Manuel south africa


Nina in Australia – Blue Mountains

Nina Blue Mountains Australia

Ruth in Hong Kong – The beautiful contrast of nature, history and modernisation in Hong Kong

Ruth Hong Kong

Stephanie in Brazil – Rio sunset

Stephanie - rio





























Vincent – Patagonia 

Vincent - Puente del Inca

Jono in Slovenia – Bohinj Lake


Taralynn in France – Lyon

Taralynn - Lyon

Tessa in Italy – San Gimignano, Tuscan region

Tessa - San Gimignano, Tuscan region

Purujeet in Canada – Canadian photosphere


Roy in Spain – Burgos

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

It has been incredibly difficult for the team to pick a winner for this particular challenge, every single photograph is unique and shows the beauty of the country our bloggers are currently experiencing. After a lot of debate, we have finally chosen our deserving winner.

Aaaaannndddd the winner is… JONO! We loved this shot of Bohinj Lake in Slovenia, well done! Here is is again.

Jono - Bohinj Lake.

What does travel mean to you?

map pins

As the 16 lucky winners of the Big Blog Exchange 2014 will be following in last years winners footsteps and travelling across the globe to explore new destinations and immerse themselves in unfamiliar cultures, we got to thinking, what does travel mean to all of you?

We asked some members of the team what it means to them:

Jade-Marie Hammond, BBE Project Assistant: “My interest in travel first started years ago when I stumbled across a series of travel documentaries, it suddenly dawned on me how much was out there to see and how diverse our world actually is – both environmentally and culturally. I’ve studied travel related subjects for 5 years and can’t wait to get out there and explore. Anybody who has the opportunity to travel, however far or for however long, should take it. As with every trip and new experience we grow, we learn and we develop a deeper understanding, not only about ourselves but about others. That’s why the Big Blog Exchange is so great. It gives people who may not have had the opportunity before the chance to travel to somewhere new, leap out of their comfort zones and learn about their exchange partner’s culture – as well as giving all of the readers the chance to follow their journeys. If I could take part, I would!

Hannah Parker, Marketing Intern: “Personally travel always reminds me of the saying ‘the world is your oyster’; a chance to be who you want to be and to let go of your inhibitions (very cliché but true). Although I have not fulfilled my own travel desires just yet, I like to think that my future experiences will allow me to become more cultured, ultimately gaining a better understanding of the lives of others across the globe. Culture is a fascinating part of travel and the Big Blog Exchange is the perfect way to explore this! I certainly would be a part of this project if I could!”

That’s what we think, but what do you think?

Let us know what travelling means to you in the comments below, or (if you can sum it up in 140 characters) tweet us using #bigblogx and join the conversation; we’re excited to read your views and opinions!

180x150 V2 orange

Travel With Your Taste Buds (Part Two)

We have several keen foodies among our 16 winners, so we can’t wait to see what food they choose to sample on their blog exchange. Here, we have chosen a few desserts from around the world – and we’d love for you to guess where in the world they are from! Do you recognize any, or can you name any of them?

103-150-Nanaimo-Bars-1500x1000058 low fructose sugar cookiesMehan's Kitchen 037


Bloggers – are there any you would like to try out? 

* please note – these images do not belong to us, and are purely for reference purposes only. They are believed to be in the public domain – however if you feel it infringes your copyright, let us know and we will remove as soon as we can.

Travel With Your Taste Buds!

So, now you’ve all got to meet our fabulous bloggers – we thought we would explore a few different topics that inspire travel in different people. Several of our bloggers have expressed that they love to travel with their taste buds, and love sampling different world cuisines – so we thought we’d ask you whether you do the same?

Which cuisines will our bloggers be sampling? Can you guess where each dish is from? 


SONY DSCusa_food_hotdog_3chopsx2pastiesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



* please note, these photos do not belong to us and we do not take credit for them. They are used purely for reference purposes.

Bloggers Bucket Lists!

The Big Blog Exchange, is a global blogging community and a travel exchange, so hopefully – those selected will be excited to jet off somewhere they have never discovered before! To start thinking about where our bloggers could be blogging from, and where they could be exploring – we wanted to ask you the question, if you could jet off to anywhere in the world – where would you choose? And why?FaceBook-Timeline-Banner1

Or could you not even narrow it down to one country? Do you have a few favourite destinations to explore on your bucket list? 

The BBE Has Been Spotted On YOUR Blog!

It is so lovely to see that you are writing, blogging and spreading the word about the Big Blog Exchange, especially with so much enthusiasm, passion and creativity! We have been taking a look at your blogs over the past few days, and here are some of our favourite posts from them!

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- I heart Reykjavík

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Have you written, tweeted or blogged about the Big Blog Exchange? Let us know and you could be featured next time!