Motivations We Love #18

We love all of your brilliant motivations, here are just some of our favourites:

Marcella Pacca, from Segredos de Viagem blog (Brazil) says: 

The motivation to our blog was to bring to people our experience around the world. For us there’s no one who knows a place like someone who lives there, thats why we take our friend’s tips very seriously. Having the chance to exchange with someone’s “life” for a few days will give us the opportunity to get to know a lot of cool places and have amazing experiences we will be able to share with our friends and readers later, helping to open people’s mind to the unknown and, by doing so, making the world more tolerant.

Mark Brady, from Cycling Around Sri Lanka Blog (UK) says: 

Hi I am older traveller I have done a lot of travelling in the past years. Thirty year ago I travelled from India to Pakistan to China to Tibet to Nepal to India. In the last 10 years I have travelled four times to Brazil as well as numerous other countries. Last year I partly biked between Sydney to Brisbane as seen on the blog The year before I biked around India. This year I plan to cycling around the world in mid September. I also have been fortunately enough to employ people that also travell. One off my employee has recently travelled around the world on a Swiss army bike over the last three years. By the way a Swiss Army bike has no gear and is extremely heavy. Also rarely brakes down. Recently travellrd 1000 miles around Sri Lanka on bicycle in remote areas that are about to perhap change as described on Blog The main thing I have learn from travellimg is that people and kind and friendly on the whole where ever you go

Juliana Arthuso, from Virando Gringa (Netherlands) says: 

My blog is written in portuguese. I am a student and I don’t have that much of time to write another blog in english, but I have the wish to do it, as soon as possible. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to exchange knowledge, and I am here to show my blog to other people aswell. Even if I don’t win, at least other bloggers and visitors can see my page and give me tips about how to write better and better!

Pedro Savério Penna, from Comi Perninha de Cachorro blog (Brazil) says: 

I’m a World enthusiastic! I just love to travel and get to know new places and people. Adventures sports is in my veins, traveling to do adventures sports is my fuel. Being in touch with the nature elements is what I most like. Water, Air, Fire doesn’t matter, life matters, this is life.

Anna Lau, from Anna Loves Travel Blog (Hong Kong) says: 

We have only one life. So, dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, and be what you want to be. Life just likes a long journey, all I want is to SHARE my lifestyle with you.

Motivations We Love #6

Here are our daily dose of favourite motivations!

Béatrice Bernard-Poulin, from Eille La Cheap (Canada) says: 

This is exactly what I need, right now. My blog is a bilingual (French & English) blog about the lifestyle I aim to live: living my dream life, here and now, and not spending too much money while doing it. It features tips to help readers do the same. And the occasional funny story! To quote Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Nonconformity, “Your life, too, is for spending. Your life should not be reserved for something great “one day” in the distant future. Your life should be spent today.” I think such an opportunity would allow me to discover about new cultures, new ways of living, and help me in this journey to make my life the life I want it to be. I hope you’ll join along for the adventure!

Evgenia Hutson, from Tuesdays Off (United States) says: 

Everyone needs a chance, and a lot of times you don’t get one if you don’t give it to yourself. I gave myself a chance when I moved from snowy Russia to snowy Minnesota. I gave myself a chance when I started I give myself a chance every morning when I wake up and see the person I love next to me. And this is me giving myself a chance to travel the world!

Winny Alna Marlina, from Indonesian Backpacker (Indonesia) says:

My motivation to follow this competition because I want to influence people. By this program, I want to introduce my county, Indonesia especially the local people, cultures, tourism, education and some places that i have traveled and show them the condition in my country to the world. I hope by learning about my country, it would be useful for them especially change our perspective thinking. I have a willing around the world, that’s my dream since i was young. I am curious person, high determination, easy going, and open minded, i want to know how look like living in somewhere place, meet a new people and have experience to learn each other because seeing difference makes us more cherish our life. I love blogging because it’s messenger to tell a sense of place. My hobby is blogging, my passion in travelling and i love to learn culture other. I wonder everybody would feel what I feel during my journey with my blog that I shared. I hope to win this program because by this program i have a chance to get experience that i have never been got before.

Lana Micallef, from Putting Pen To Paper (Australia) says: 

Traveling is honestly the only thing I’ve ever willingly committed myself too and it’s the center of my universe. It drives me to be a passionate person, to believe in something and to feel inspired. It’s so important that an individual has something like this in their life, whether it be their career, their relationship, their studies or their pet, but everyone needs a driving force that makes them feel there’s a successful forward journey ahead. Everyone needs something that evokes emotion or triggers an energy to constantly seek more.. and for me, traveling is pushing all of these buttons. I solemnly believe that spending all my money on traveling is the only thing I’m buying that’s making me more rich and the only thing that makes me feel like I’m one step closer to finding what and where my purpose on this beautiful earth is. Think about yourself when you’re overseas. Think about your mindset and how free you feel, and how open you are to diversity. Think about the food you eat, the people you learn from and fall in love with. Think about how experienced you feel, how stimulated your brain is, how accomplished, how knowledgeable and worldly. All these feelings, is why you should choose me. All I want to do, is dedicate my life to ensuring that these emotions are always a priority. After all, the best stories to tell over a coffee are the ones with you in it..

Karin Ronde, from K & K Adventures (UK) says: 

I was brought up in a multi-cultural, international family. My parents are South African, but now live in Canada and the US. I was brought up in England, then spent my teens in France, and eventually moved to Canada. Whilst in France at 17 I lived with a French family for a year, total strangers that took me into their home to experience their culture and lives to the fullest. To immerse yourself in another language, life, world even, is the ultimate travel experience and I recommend it to anyone who loves to travel.


Motivations We Love #5

Here are our daily favourite motivations:

Mélissa N. Woo, from Frolic Hunter (Canada) says: 

I am the one to jump into projects wholeheartedly, the first to laugh at a silly joke and the last to judge the oddities that life provides. I may not have a vast readership, but I love what I do and that’s what keeps me going. I hope to inspire where ever I go and I am eager to learn. I want to know how other people get involved in their community, how they interact with art and how they take care of the space around them. I am constantly looking to soak up the experiences Earth can provide and I feel like this blog exchange is a perfect opportunity to inspire and be inspired by something totally different than what I’ve seen so far.

Tinkerbella, from Tinkerbella’s Blog (Germany) says: 

I was lost, when I started my blog. I needed a platform to share what I feel. And through this process I changed. And then I was lost again, in a positive way. I lost my little problems and started to see the world through a computer screen and I began to see the world in real life. Now I am ready to be a part of something bigger. I love to explore and talk and tell stories and see the beauty in everything. Maybe I can get the opportunity to see the beauty of different cultures and languages and experiences like nobody else.

Sarah Hoyes, from Sad Excuse Of A Girl (UK) says: 

I have a love for all things quirky and am always looking for an opportunity to learn; whether it be through experience, story telling or otherwise. An important factor within my life is that I am kept busy, entertained and enthused; travelling to a different country and experiencing their culture would definitely solve this issue. Continuously I am shocked, surprised and intrigued by stories I see or read within the news regarding the lives of others around the world. The idea of being able to combine my love of writing and that of learning is what has really pushed my want to do well in this campaign! To be able to broaden my thoughts, develop skills, and take part in activities bespoke to a certain country or culture, as well as being able to document it all in its entirety using my blog is fantastic! All that’s left to say is that being one of the lucky people to ‘win’ this once in a lifetime prize, would probably change my life, and me as a person. I can only see this being a good thing, so please vote for me 🙂 big love, stay cool. Sarah xx

Niels Lentink, from Ginger Life (Netherlands) says: 

I’m a broke 20 year old ginger who wants to see reactions from people all over the world who’ve never seen a ginger before.

Daphne Groeneveld, from Marlow Travels (Netherlands) says: 

My motivation for being part of the Big Blog Exchange? Well, to be honest traveling is one of my major passions and so is writing. For my studies I had to decide either between Travel Management or Journalism. I chose the first one, but now that I am near to graduating, I would love to combine the two and document my travels by writing and photographing. Marlow Travels, my blog, has been a fun start at it, but being able to go on an exchange for it would make a tremendous difference! I am so excited for the opportunity!


Hannah, from Beginners Beauty (UK) says: 

Writing my blog has made me feel so much more confident than I used to. After suffering from anxiety attacks for nearly 2 years, starting my blog early last year has allowed me to talk to so many different people that share the same interests as me. I have been given great opportunities and I would love to have this opportunity to share my blog with more people and discover even more amazing people!

Motivations We Love #2

Again, we are really enjoying reading your great motivations. Here are just a small preview of blogger motivations:

Jonny Blair, from Don’t Stop Living – A Lifestyle of Travel says:

I am a one man, walking, talking and writing guide to all seven continents. I have spent the last 10 years travelling the world, meeting new people, working in different jobs and experiencing anything and everything that comes my way. I am a passionate travelling Northern Irishman with an unstoppable quest to visit every country. I live a lifestyle of travel, because I created this way of living for myself. Vote for me and you’ll be reading my stories and gaining travel inspiration forever. Don’t be stuck in a dull, busy office or supermarket – get out and see the world! Don’t Stop Living, Jonny

Steve, from Social Matador says: 

Every so often in a person’s lifetime comes the opportunity to grow beyond your ability and to give back to the world more than you could ever have imagined. This is that day for 16 lucky people and I hope I am lucky too.

Adel, from Cape Town Collectables says: 

My blog focuses on the niche and interesting coffee shops, galleries, breakfast spots and moments caught on camera that make Cape Town the unique city it is in my eyes. These places and pictures you won’t find in travel brochures and I like adding a personal touch to my bloggings about life in my favourite city. But even though I’m a self-proclaimed Table Mountain nerd, I also love experiencing new and exciting places, hence the ‘Away seeing the world’ section on my blog. When I’m away, I like to discover local pastry shops, capture a different view of the over-photographed monuments and document the local experiences I have in a foreign place. I love travelling on my own and I would love it even more to apply my personal approach to blogging to someone else’s world.

Heidi, from Bits Of Sunshine says: 

The Blogging community is such a tight knit community, and I have so many friends all over the world that I may never meet, who I would love to meet! Baking and cooking is so ingrained in our cultures, how wonderful it would be to learn about a new culture!

Julie Chiou, from Table For Two says: 

I would absolutely love this opportunity to take part in this because one of my favorite things about food blogging is the ability to share my food and cooking with others all around the world. I think one of the most rewarding things about blogging is the friendships you make and what you learn through everyone’s lives and their cultures. I want to participate because I want to immerse myself in another’s culture and take in all that there is to take in. My readers would LOVE to read about the food, the culture, the experience, and especially the photographs I’d take along with this!