What is next?

Voting for the Big Blog Exchange has now closed, meaning you will no longer be able to add or change any votes. It has been a really exciting and educational journey for us (and hopefully you too) and we are so pleased that you all chose to participate!

Exciting (and busy) times lay ahead, as we, along with the jury, will be going through ALL of the blogs, whittling the entries down to 16 winners (14 from the Top 100 and 2 Wildcards). The final 16 will be announced on the 29th April and will published as a list on our website (bigblogexchange.org).

We would like to congratulate the 100 bloggers (25 most voted bloggers per region) qualified. Amazing guys! (Check out the 100 bloggers qualified on bigblogexchange.org) We will continue posting interesting things about the community on our blog and asking you questions. 


Thank you all so much for joining us, we hope you will all stay along for the next leg of the journey!  Happy blogging!