It’s not too late to join! Could you be one of our wildcards?

The end of the competition phase is in sight and you are all busy blogging and racking up the votes – which is great!

However we just wanted to put a little reminder out there and say that even if you haven’t actually signed yourself up yet, or even if you just haven’t managed to get as many votes as you had hoped for at this point, please don’t be put off by the time you have left to collect votes – as we still have our wildcard winners!

Alongside the winning 14, an additional two bloggers will be chosen based solely on their passion, blogs and content – regardless of whether they have 1 or 1000 votes!

So if you were thinking of joining, but thought it might be too late, think again – you’re still in with a chance of winning a life changing travel experience! 

Happy blogging!

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Could you be one of this year’s WILDCARDS?

Just a reminder guys, it’s not all about the votes! 14 of the winning bloggers will be selected by an international jury mainly based on the number of votes they receive, however, for those of you who don’t receive quite as many votes – you are still in with a chance of going on a life changing exchange!

We don’t believe that the number of votes you receive is always a reflection of how strong your passion is, so two bloggers taking part in the exchange will be our lucky ‘wildcards’. These bloggers will be chosen based on their passion, motivations and blog content!

Last year saw Tina Seidling from Germany and Sophie Roberts from the UK exchanging blogs, countries and cultures for ten days as our wildcards, and two bloggers will be in the same position as them this year!

So don’t be disheartened if you’re not getting as many votes as you were hoping for, you might just be one of this year’s wildcards!

Happy blogging!

If you have any questions of queries about the wildcard process, or anything else about the project, please get in touch

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We just want to say a huge congratulations to the 100 finalists! It has been a fantastic journey, and we have really enjoyed looking at your motivations, your blogs and your inspirational tweets every day. From our side, it has been so rewarding to have so many of you giving us positive feedback about the project, and we are so glad to hear that you have enjoyed it as much as we have.

The next few days are going to be tough, as our jury decide who our final 16 winners are. Even if you haven’t made it to the top 100, you will still be eligible for one of the wildcard places, and as we speak we are going through all 1173 of your blogs, taking our time to look at all your hard work.

Even if you don’t make it as one of the 16 winners this year, we hope you will all continue to follow the journeys of the bloggers and will still be involved in the project – as our 16 bloggers will be writing, photographing and filming live from all over the world – so although the first step is over, there are lots more exciting things that lay ahead!

We hope you will ALL join us for the next steps!

Please remember, we will be posting all of our updates on this blog, so if you’d like to be kept in the loop, you can subscribe and receive news by email! We’d love for this blog to be a part of the blogging community, so let us know if you have any ideas for us. 

Happy blogging!

The 100 finalists can be viewed here.

It’s Not All About The Votes!

We have been reading several of your fantastic blog posts on the Big Blog Exchange over the last few days, and wanted to clarify some of the logistics of the competition with you, as some of you seem to think that you have no chance of winning one of the 16 places if you are not a really popular blogger.

True to our trailer, which claims ‘Whether you have one million readers or just one’, we have made the 16 winning places accessible to ALL bloggers, no matter how popular, or how many readers or page views you have.

14 of the 16 places will be won mainly by votes. The top 100 bloggers from 4 regions (so 25 from each, with a mix of nationalities) will be put through to our international jury panel, where the 14 will be chosen based on their motivation and their blog’s content. The 14 winners will be announced on 29th April 2013.

The two remaining places will be won by two exceptional bloggers, regardless of the number of votes (so we will be looking through EVERY blog and EVERY motivation). So, these two places might be won by two bloggers who have 0 votes, but who have really made an effort with their motivation and their blog’s content. We are looking for bloggers with the passion and inspiration to change the world, not necessarily just the readership.

Of course, gaining votes and encouraging friends and family to vote is still worth doing, as if you go through to the final 100, you will have a 14/100 chance of making it through rather than a 2/350+ but we wanted to make sure that everyone knows that everyone stands a chance of winning, not just the most popular bloggers.

We have seen lots of you saying on your blog’s ‘I will never have the chance to win, but I’m going to enter anyway’, but we wanted to clarify that EVERYONE has the chance to win. Whether you blog about cupcakes, politics, travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle or food (and so on), whatever language you blog in and wherever in the world you live.

Everyone has the chance to be one of the 16 bloggers! 

If you have any questions at all, leave a comment in the box below and we will get back to you.